Thursday, April 30, 2009

The only time I care

I realized today, in fact just two minutes ago, that the only time I care what people think about me is when I stink up a room unintentionally. I don't actually remember a time when I have intentionally wanted to be stinky. I mean, it isn't like I want to have a stench that would intentionally drive people away..cause let's be honest, I like being around people.

Generally how loud I am, singing in public, looking hammered because of finals, whatever it may be...doesn't necessarily mean anything to me. I don't care that people might not appreciate that I forgot to shower two days in a row and my hair is all greasy.

BUT, I do care when I 'let one' in the school library. How embarrassing. I mean, I shouldn't care really, but here is something that you may not know about farts....kidding, you probably know...but they linger. Who on earth wants to be around lingering stink? Not I. At least if I didn't shower, I could be a fair distance away from you and you wouldn't smell it. If only I were blessed with non-stink gas. That would be wonderful. I inherited this trait from my mom....why mom, why?

Darn pull-apart pork sandwich from Nauvoo Cafe.



Awesome post. Nauvoo cafe is a great place.

A Bunch of Paynes said...

This is what Rus calls "crop dusting." If he was in the library and knew he had gas, he would get up, walk around and crop-dust, and then return to his seat. Sometimes I get caught in the fumes and it is NOT pretty. Ugg. But it is a well-thought out method, don't ya think? ;)

The Schneider Family said...

Funny! I had my laugh today! Thanks!