Friday, April 17, 2009

Louder than Words

I am borrowing the phrase that pictures speak louder than words. I could write a post about how absolutely amazing St. George was for Easter weekend, hanging with all of my favorite people. But I think I will just post a couple key pics for you to get the idea. Wish you all could be there too. Well, keep in touch and let's plan a George extravaganza...I am game.

OK-maybe I will list a couple things so that the pictures don't show up all screwy:
  • Traveling down with two amazing boys that kept me entertained with their having to stop to get goodies...then telling me that I was in charge of making sure they didn't eat, didn't work all weekend.
  • Watching one of the boys down a min Ben and Jerry's in 45 seconds and then want to go out for more ice cream at cold stone 5 minutes later
  • Having all my buds show on Thursday night and watching the lamest of the lame movie and laughing about how we wished we had our 2 hours back.
  • Hiking at red cliffs, seeing Jason jumping from rock to rock like a monkey. Extreme team is back. Only some of you may remember Extreme Partners in Crime (EPIC). We were going to make t-shirts back in college after repelling off a 300 foot cliff with only a 290 foot rope. Hmmm.
  • Watching the engineers build a dam
  • Having everyone else meet up with us at Pioneer Park, Arts Festival and eventually meet us at the Pasta Factory...
  • Waking up to Luke's cooking, going to sleep with a full belly because of Luke's cooking
  • Going on the most adventurous ride of my life when we decided to take the back road to Observation Point in Zions in small cars. We used Sarah's SUV to cart people through the mud. Talk about extreme digging!
  • Extreme was the word of the weekend. We did some extreme hiking through the snow...and literally couldn't turn back cause all the cars were gone! We had to go all the way.
  • Standing at Observation Point looking out over the St. George Valley...always amazing and breathtaking. I don't know how anyone could go and not believe in a creator.
  • Dance party madness.
  • Whipped cream fights.
  • Crazies jumping in the 40 degree pool.
  • Needing to get warmed up after the cold hike.
  • Easter Sunday-sacrament meeting where at least 10 singles showed up, eating amazing Easter goodness afterward...thanks again Luke!


Lish Fish said...

That is awesome Linds! So glad you were able to go with so many fun people!!

Tara Bergsjo said...

That looks like so much fun! It sure sounds like you had a blast. Way cute pictures!!

Anything but housework said...

What movie did you watch? See I do read these. I'm a fan.

Unstoppable Lindsey said...

Lish Fish: Oh, it is always a blast in the George. Are we doing a family thing this year?? We need to.

Tara Bergjo: Oh, we sure did...we need to all go the George so I can use your kids as models too...

Anything but Housework: I told you the house would still be standing after we left. Glad to see you are a follower ;) We watched um, the one with Keanu Reaves and Jennifer Connelly, The Day the Earth Stood Still. Never watch it, you will wonder how it was ever funded!