Tuesday, September 30, 2008

When others get sick

So, I don't know how to do a poll yet, but I wanted to pose this question. When you are around others that declare they are sick do you:

1. Say, "oh I am sorry to hear that," while backing away?
2. Ask what forms of medication they are taking and recommend some favorites?
3. Ask if they are taking antibiotics just so that you know how close you can come in contact with them?
4. Look at them lovingly and call to remembrance the last time you were sick and truly hope they get better soon?
5. Get mad that they came to work with this apparently spreadable disease?
6. Wonder how this is going to affect their work and help you to meet your deadlines?
7. Make them cookies, soup or whatever a good 'cure-all' can be concocted?

Me, I am a little bit of everything, but mostly 1,2 and 4.


Willy said...

If they are at work with me, i tell them to get the hell outta here and go home.

if friends or family, # 7, absolutely

The Schneider Family said...

Just wanted to give you an update on your dvd's. I got them in the mail yesterday and tried them today. Chloe isn't getting it just yet, but it's just the first day. Coby on the other hand started signing eat over and over and over again within a few minutes of it being on. Then he started signing more when I gave him crackers. I was SO excited!! The check will be in the mail in a couple of days. Thanks agin!!

Marissa Marie said...

Your blog is so cute...and probably 1. Yeah, I'm so sensitive.

Laurel Leaves said...

I am who you call for the soup. Deliveries day or night. Unless I hate you. Then dont even think about it. :-D

~Amy Laurel

caryn said...

Um... I think two is hilarious. I'm sure you mean over the counter stuff but I can just picture my aunt, who practically has a pharmacy in her kitchen cupboard. She would TOTALLY be like, oh, you have an ingrown toenail? I think I have some leftover valium that you would LOVE!