Thursday, September 25, 2008

Airport Fashion

What happened to wearing lounging wear when going to the airport? I remember when I was little, I would put on my favorite pair of sweat pants and an oversize shirt and just chillax on the plane ride.

Today, while waiting for my plane to Salem, OR (yes...I believe there is a Salem in every state...Salem meaning peace) I noticed the recent airport fashion trends are making it hard for loungers like me to really be a truly respected flier, and to win over the hearts of those cutey-cute boys that love to pick up chicks at the airport (you know you have always romanticized about airport boyfriends/girlfriends). Really. The pointy toe heels, big purses, dangle earrings, hair-doing, make-up wearing, pretty smelling ladies...make me feel like I was on a runway and I was sporting something from the latest and greatest Derelict collection. A mere observation really.

Me, I prefer to wear shoes that are easily taken on and off, a comfortable pair of jeans and a t-shirt. I also sport my purple jacket that I am totally addicted to right now, because sometimes the plane gets a little chilly for my hot body ;). I also prefer to carry my laptop and all other carry-on items, which today includes the 1444 page unabridged version of Count of Monte Cristo, all my power supply items, flight itinerary and information for my boyfriend, Job a.k.a Work, with the formal nickname: Career, in a backpack. I tried carrying a cutesie little purse/briefcase looking thing...but let's be honest, I love distributing all that weight create a balance, if you will.

I don't like trying to keep one strap of my bag over my shoulder, trying desperately to put my laptop back in my bag with my purse flipping everywhere and all the contents spilling out, including the much needed Burts Bees Wax chapstick, which I have lost on occasion at airports from all my stuff flying out.

All I am saying is if you feel like dressing up to go to the airport, power to you. I will stick with my lounging attire and have a comfortable ride in the process. I find that I have the same thought process when I go to sporting activities.


Lish Fish said...

Ditto... All of it. Road Trips, plane rides, trips to Walmart...ALL of them should be in comfort.

caryn said...

Ha ha ha... You are hilarious. And what are you doing in Salem?!?! You are an hour away from me! (And Laura! And Kristi Lewis but in the opposite direction...)

Unstoppable Lindsey said...

Caryn...I just tried calling you! I am sending you an email with my should totally come to the Buddy Walk tomorrow. I am here with my boss. She is performing tonight in Salem...then tomorrow during the Buddy Walk. The info is here:

I hope we can run into each other. I totally didn't do the math...had no idea you were so close! Call me!

Laurel Leaves said...

You need some Juicy Sweats! That is my happy balance. Then I am fashionable, feel hot, and am totally comfy.

Live Juicy.

~Amy Laurel.

Unstoppable Lindsey said...

Lish fish: Uh huh...couldn't agree more. Let's throw in demolition derbies in there too

Caryn: Oh, pookie...missed ya.

Laurel leaves: Oh yeah baby...hook a sister up. Nothing says sexy like juicy sweats...gotta love those airport