Sunday, September 7, 2008

South Africa--look out!

Last weekend, I went home to say goodbye to Elder Blau! Wow, talk about emotional. My dad was so funny...he kept saying, "Geez guys, this is not a funeral or anything." Whatever, he was just as emotional as the rest of us. The night I arrived, Deno and McKayla (my uncle and aunt) showed up. It was so good to have them there. We partied until the wee hours of the morning....or something close to it.

The next morning we all went to sacrament meeting, where Brendon prepared his talk during the opening hymn ;) Just kidding, that is what he said, but I know he probably thought about it before then! My sister and I cried...and cried some more. It was so awesome to hear my brother's testimony. I have never heard him share it before. It was really cool to see how much he has matured and grown over the past couple years. It has been so fun to be his older sister and see how much he has really become a man. It was so nice to have the family there. I even got to see my good friend Scott. We all sat down to a nice family dinner and talked about our favorite memories with Brendon...made fun of each other, and as always, ended up laughing through nightly prayers - a past time that has haunted our family for years. I don't think we have made it through a family prayer without giggling.

I will miss Elder Blau, but so far, I already know he is loving it! It took him about two days to get to South Africa...and they have already put him to work. I am so proud to call him my brother. What an incredible person. He has truly grown into someone who really has the capacity and understanding relaying the good news of the gospel, that Christ lives!


Tara Bergsjo said...

I am so glad to hear he made it their safe! I bet he is going to be a wonderful missionary! It was so neat to get to know him better over the last couple of years! He is so fun and way to funny! Keep me informed on how he is doing. Also my sister in law is on a mission and I can write to her on Dear, if I am able to do that with him will you let me know. Love ya!!

Lish Fish said...

WOW!!! That is soo awesome. Good Luck Elder Blau! Insane that he is that old...Hang in there...only 3 months til you can talk to him at Christmas... ;0)