Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Why do I carry 3 lip glosses in my purse?

I have been thinking about the theory that a man is defined by what is in his is an intriguing thought. I wonder, am I defined by what I carry around in my bag? I am going to check out the oddities that live in my purse…that define me. Tell me if I am off….

1. 4-year old receipts. Why do I hold on to those? Am I loyal to them? Am I afraid that something is going to happen to the item I purchased and 4 years down the road I will see if I can return it in exchange for a new something, but still wanting the old something? Do I need receipts for the extra 'trash paper' that I am going to use to spit out my gum? Did I just forget it was in there? Maybe I like the wax-i-ness of the paper...hmm, something to think about, that's for sure.

2. A mini purse full of feminine products-need I say more. I am a girl. BUT that also holds 2 different kinds of chapstick: icy and Burt's Bees. Both very soothing to the lips, but I have one chapstick just in case I lose the other. What about the 3 lip-glosses? One is a brownish color, one is red and one has no color but provides a nice and soothing menthol feel and makes my lips look plump. I guess you never know what kind of outfit you are going to be wearing, right. I have also heard that shiny lips attract the opposite sex. Am I trying too hard? Trying to be consistent? High maintenance? Just really like my lips and want others to like them too? Hmm…

3. Gum- very important thing to have in a purse. As much as I love mints, the after flavor is not my favorite. At least with gum, you can cover up tainted breath and tainted after taste breath. Yes, there is a difference. I find that when I clean my purse, there are many old half-sticks that have been thrown in! To my amazement, there are also little silver wrappers that seem to take over the whole bottom side of my purse. Why do I keep those? To avoid littering? To keep little remembrances of the time I popped gum in my mouth? To use as part of throwing my gum out?

4. A combo pill box in a Midol canister- mixing the drugs of Midol and allergy meds. For obvious reasons…and you can never have enough! That makes me sound like a druggy…I’m not….not like my parents!

5. Hundreds of business cards. Why? Do I sincerely know these people? Will I ever call them? Probably not, but knowing that I know someone must be important enough for me to have all these cards.

Sure there are the obvious things that are in a purse…but I just think about those little extras….that I found really begin to make sense for my life…really! Pretty interesting…what’s in your purse! Careful, we are on the world-wide web.


A Bunch of Paynes said...

Very interesting! I am of the opinion that every purse also doubles as a portable trash can. It can be too time consuming to find a nearby trash can, or there simply might not be one available at all, so that's why all the gum wrappers, granola bar wrappers, and old used tissues end up in the bottom of my purse. Other stuff in my purse/diaper bag...
Chapstick - yes it is a necessity, a must have, a "I don't feel like myself if I need it and don't have it" kind of thing
Wallet - Nice and compact with all my money/ID cards on one side and other cards on the other
Diapers - (for Jacob) I try to only have one or two because they take up so much space
Wipees - Just a small ziplock full of them. I love having them on hand, though. I think even when I don't have kids in diapers I'll carry them because they are great in so many situations
Granola bar - Good for rescuing a pregnant woman from the fast food pull she might feel when she is feeling pretty snacky
Unused tissues - for two boogery kids and one allergy-ridden mom
Appointment card - for my next doctor apptointment
And at the bottom of my purse you might find an assortment of granola bar pieces, loose change, and wrappers. I would keep gum in my purse, but Bekah and Jacob are ravenous gum eaters and if they find it they will eat it all in one sitting.


I too have at least 2 containers of Bert's and 1 lip gloss in my purse at all times. Camera, phone, and a book are the other items I keep in my purse. And of course my wallet.