Monday, March 10, 2008

There is more to sign language than signing

It's the beginning of the sign language revolution!! Over the past week, I have seen an incredible response to the Texas infant story! It is amazing to hear about those mom's and dad's out there that are using sign language to spur communication with their infants and toddlers. I remember hearing a story from a lady I work with that was teaching her son how to sign (he was about 9 months old at the time) and one day he woke up and signed milk...and she knew he was hungry! It is incredible.

I got this video from the Today Show website that talks about that 17-month old girl that I blogged about earlier. She has taken the world by storm!! The parents attribute her success to many things, including using sign language with her at an early age. It is pretty incredible to see that she learned to use signs through partly through watching Signing Time (the company I work with).

In an article written at, it states, "Katy Barrett and her husband, Michael, are speech pathologists, and when Elizabeth was born, they said on Monday, they started teaching her sign language along with spoken language. They read to her often, and her favorite television program — the only one her parents let her watch — was a PBS show called “Signing Time,” which teaches kids sign language.

Yet, as much as her parents worked to stimulate her language skills, they were as astonished as anyone when she started picking out words and reading them, especially as they never attempted to teach her to read."


WeeHands said...

Thank you for posting this. I was wanting to see the video of the piece again!

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taylorcamel said...

Lindsey, I love your blog. Thanks for posting the signing tot story. Hey, I tried to post it on my blog as well and am having technical difficulties. If you have time could you tell me how you did it? My blog is I have some picturs of you there you should check out if you haven't seent them yet.

laura the artist jones said...

lindsey, what a great blog! we're totally planning on teaching sign language to our daughter too. i think it is really important to be able to communicate. especially for a child to be able to get her needs met and stuff.