Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Our First Date: Great Sushi, Music, Connection

Adam didn't waste any time calling me for our first date. That is one thing I love about this man...persistence! As soon as he got my phone number, he called me the next day to set up our first date. Due to schedule conflicts, the only time that would work was that night - the night after we met (April 23, 2012). Smooth, right!?

He was new to the area and didn't know of any good sushi places, so he let me choose. We met up at one of my new favorite sushi joints (I am totally a sushi snob) Sweet Ginger in Vienna. *Side note: some of the best sushi restaurants are in strip malls.

During the course of the meal, I liked that he was adventurous when it came to food. I am a huge foodie, and love dining with people who also love food almost as much as I do.

I was not surprised by how smooth the conversation was, but how he and I were able to keep up with one another in thought. To be honest,  Adam has this incredible ability to connect with people, and so do connection was not an issue. THEN, he told me his story. He shared with me some very personal thoughts and feelings about the love he has for God, and for the decisions that have shaped who he is, and where he wants to go. He was completely open and vulnerable to sharing these truly personal and intimate details that so often I had not been privy to during any other first dates. For me, it was refreshing to speak with someone so in tune and willing to share his emotions and feelings. At one point he asked about my testimony. 

He asked me to share some of the most wonderful lessons I learned because I had the gospel of Jesus Christ in my life. At the time, I recently had some insight into life issues and shared with him my understanding and perspective of those insights. Within these moments, I was touched by the Spirit reaffirming my testimony, and in that moment, I cried. For those who know me, you are probably not shocked. But, I was. It was a very special moment...not very many men get to see me cry on a first date. Other times yes, but on a first date...hardly ever.

He handed me his napkin, and responded in a kind way toward my experience. He and I continued in more serious and not so serious conversation the rest of the evening. It also helped that our food was amazing. I don't think we wanted to part from one another, so we jumped in his car to listen to some of our favorite tunes (another favorite date night activity...anything with music)!

By the end of the evening, the connection deepened, and I couldn't wait for him to ask me out again....but I did....and it drove him nuts :)


{Jeff+Elisa} said...

Congrats on the engagement Lindsey and the bling on your finger, love the shape of the diamond!

Yes, let's def talk invites and I will send you an email and some of my samples. Hopefully we can work together on them. :)

I've always considered you as someone who has unshakeable faith and an undeniable testimony of the doubt he was touched by your spirit.

Unstoppable Lindsey said...

Elisa: Thank you for your kind words! You are too sweet....glad to be working with you on my invites!