Tuesday, September 25, 2012

How We Met: Cleaning With Purpose

Some of you know that I received a calling (volunteer activity) to feed glorified snacks to members of my singles ward (congregation) almost every Sunday...which we call Munch and Mingle. At the time, I was working with several other members of the ward, and it was fun...and often hectic trying to get everything ready to go, and cleaning up after. I found that I had a limited amount of time to socialize with other members because I was busy with the event...which left little time to flirt with members of the opposite sex. 

I remember hearing from my ecclesiastical leader, Brother Cram, that the leaders were thinking about releasing me from my calling. Time went by and I was still responsible. I didn't mind the responsibility, but again it limited my flirting abilities, including the prospect of going to other singles wards to meet men. I remember a semi-serious conversation I had with Brother Cram that went something like this, "How am I supposed to get married when I don't have time to flirt? You said you were going to release me already!" It has now become a standing joke between the two of us...and he always asks me "How's the flirting going?" 

I was released....3 months later. On the last day I performed my service, an onslaught of new nannies, pest boys, interns, and security boys came to the ward. Since it was my last day, I took it easy and mingled. I was able to meet my fair share of gentlemen and ladies and started to clean up. I was conversing with one pest boy in particular who seemed to have a keen interest in my friend....little did he know that she was almost engaged. However, his attention slowly made it my way. We chatted about sushi, music, small details, and I remember making each other laugh. It was a very natural conversation. 

I noticed the time and realized I needed to start cleaning. I continued to talk to him while I cleaned. Then he asked if he could help....and while I had my select few that always helped (thank you)....it was quite an unexpected and wonderful surprise that someone I had only known for 4 minutes wanted to help. So, I did what I do best.... and put him to work.  

He followed me to the broom closet where I unleashed the secret of the church basement that used to be some sort of locker room. There is also this super creepy storage area that used to be showers. I had only been shown this mysterious room a couple months earlier and think it is the coolest place in the whole building. He joked about me taking him to the dark closet only having known him for such a short time. Little did I know that he had been a plumber and found the space fascinating. 

After we cleaned up, I was ready to go home, but he lingered and asked if we could do sushi sometime, and asked for my phone number reminding me that his name was Adam Pence.

Thank you Brother Cram for not releasing me when you said you were going to and letting timing of the Lord catch up to impatient, little me!! :) 

Who would have thought that on my last day serving that I would have enough time to socialize (flirt) to meet the man I will soon call my husband.....

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