Thursday, January 26, 2012

Memory Loss

There was a period of time between 2005 and 2007 where I just don't remember anything that happened to me in my personal life. I would run into people and we would chat about how we met, and they could recall all the details of how, what, where, when, and what I was wearing....but I could only remember that I knew them....somehow. To what end, I couldn't tell you. This even happened with a guy I started dating back in the day. He told me exactly where we met. When I asked him if it was between the years of 2005 and 2007, he replied in the affirmative. I then proceeded to tell him my theory of memory loss, and apologized for not having remembered meeting him.

At the time, I was working at a PR agency where I had 20 clients. Having 20 clients was a little OUTRAGEOUS and unheard of because it is not like firms to usually have so few employees working on so many cases. I read an article back in the day explaining that we have been given this gift of short term and long term memory. Sometimes if so many things are happening that require the use of our short term memory, other things will not be remembered or will take a backseat in the memory world. I then decided that I would declare 2005 to 2007 the lost years where my short term memory was so full that it affected my long term memory bank and certain memories (alas probably some of the best) would have to take a backseat to those memories that enabled me to do my job.

Since then, I have tried to keep my multi-talented brain exercised and my spirit open and receptive to receive and retain memories. I have eaten fish, tried ginkgo biloba (however it is spelled), tried tricks like chewing gum during testing periods at school, written things down, taken pictures, tried mnemonic devices to help me remember names, tied ribbons on my finger, made bracelets, told people to remind me, prayed to remember...etc. It has been working really great since 2007.

HOWEVER....lately, I have been experience similar symptoms. While I would like to blame it on something or someone, I don't believe that someone's forgetfulness can rub off on me....or can it? Since I started working in September, I have forgotten my badge, phone, lunch (which has been left on the table at home several times), tennis shoes for my walking job, clothing for after I work as a lifeguard, personal items,commitments that are not written down, etc. But here is the biggun....last week I walked into my office and realized that I totally left my computer at home. My computer. Really?? I mean, I didn't even realize I forgot it until I got to my office. There was no memory clue that I forgot it at home....none, until I got to my desk and saw my naked dock. I work in Bethesda, MD. I live in McLean, VA. Needless to say what I thought was going to be a productive day starting at 8 a.m. didn't really even get started until about 9:30. Looks like I am going to have incorporate some of my old memory-gain/retain tactics.

I am open to suggestions....really!


Andrea Jolene said...

You may not remember me... ;) but I might suggest you're just getting old? OR! I felt I was "sharper" when I was in school because the brain juices were constantly flowing. I suggest finding something that stretches your brain as in makes you analyze, synthesize, and accurately punctuate regularly. OR! Crossword puzzles. So helpful is me.

Unstoppable Lindsey said...

Oh brother...more things that stretch yoga on crack? What are you trying to do to my brain? Kidding, thanks darlin for the good did we meet again?

Whitney said...

i just popped on to check on my little shooshie and reading this post brought back so many memories, er or not memories of working together with so many clients! remember fresh fit? i think it was called that because i feel the exact same way! i think that time in my life is a blur too. i also believe that is when my stomach aches and problems began. it was simply just not healthy!

i miss you friend! i think of you often and hope you are doing great. do you love the east coast? what is your new job? i am so proud of you for moving out east! love ya shooshie face!! :) xoxo

Unstoppable Lindsey said...

Whitney: SHOOSHIE! Oh, yes Fresh what?? Fit you say...eating healthy you say...I don't ever remember eating healthy at that time, yet again, I don't remember a lot of things ;) I am so glad you can relate. 'Twas a CRAZY time, that is for sure. Oh, we SO have to chat about this east coast thing. The visit with you and your hub absolutely spurred the thought, thus the motivation that led to my crazy move! Misses and kisses!