Wednesday, January 4, 2012

From my former life

It's interesting...I have been super close to the 'using sign language' issue recently, and not just because I am a follower of Signing Time. First my little niece signs and it is amazing, and I love it! She tells me stuff all the time when she doesn't know the word. She will see things that I can't see. When I was helping my sister move to Texas, Allie and I went swimming. She told me all about the bugs by using her signs and would say "Ew, gross." (Something I am sure she learned from mommy). She told me when she was all done with swimming, but still wanted to hang out by the pool, just by signing.

Second, I have seen miracles with sign language with children who have disabilities. I am a huge advocate of giving children the opportunity to express feelings when they might not have the emotion to show it. For example, some children with autism have a hard time expressing emotion, but it doesn't mean that they are not feeling it. Can you imagine the relief of a mother who can look at her little boy or girl who is signing that they are happy?

These are just two examples of the many I had while I worked for Signing Time. I am constantly inspired by my former boss, Rachel and her drive to open up a world of communication. I no longer work for them, but still feel that it is such a necessary and admirable goal.

In other sign language news, my cousin signed up to join the Peace Corps not too long ago. While she was hoping to do something related to her major in marine biology, like the study of certain fish, she was surprised to find out that she would be working with deaf children in Kenya. I am sure you can imagine that I cried when I found this out. Andrea, my cousin, learned sign language during school and is fluent. She included this on her application....and is now doing something amazing and admirable with the children in Africa who often struggle to survive due to their disabilities.

So, yes, I have been in awe at this profound issue and wanted to share a timely video about what my former boss, and inspired friend, Rachel Coleman of Signing Time is up to:


Jana and Brett said...

Can I just tell you how many times our Signing Time DVDs are watched and loved!?! A Gazillion! AND when Jovie was so little when Brock was born, we still were able to communicate with her!...and she with us. Awesome. I think those movies were the best present I've ever gotten!

Unstoppable Lindsey said...

Oh...I am so glad to hear that lady!! I seriously can't believe how keen kids are to the show. It is truly awesome to see Allie watch it. YAY!!