Friday, January 20, 2012

Likes and Dislikes

  • I am liking the word bazillion and have used it a bazillion times today.
  • Saxophone Man: He has changed my life forever. I have this ultimate love mix that I put together a while back. It actually features George Michael's Careless Whisper (you have to admit that it is one of the sexiest songs out there). But after seeing the sexy saxophone man, I laugh every time I hear Careless Whisper.
  • Jamming to Sting in my cubicle, and blaring the music enough to drown out the world.
  • When I have conversations like this at work:
    I know my calculus . . . YOU + ME = US. My tummy is requesting a prompt start at 12PM. I can break at that time, let me know if you can!
    H-word yeah! My tummy and I cheated though….yup, totally just downed half a box of cheezits.
    : Well then . . . I will see your cheezits and eat one of my deviled eggs.
    : That is just wrong.
    If by “wrong” you mean “delicious” . . .then, heh, well . . . yes.
    : Seriously, when does ‘wrong’ EVER mean delicious? I mean, really….deviled egg and delicious should never be in the same sentence…..ever. Don’t worry, I won’t let this affect our friendship.


  • Waking up. It's true...if it is 30 minutes, or even if it is a full 7 hours...waking up and I don't get along.
  • Forgetting stuff: This week I forgot my work computer at home, and didn't even realize it until after I got to work, in Maryland, and had to turn all the way back again to go back to Virginia to get it. Recently, I have also forgotten my breakfast, a person's b-day, my key card to get into my apartment, and my phone. I also don't like when people who are trying to win an argument say "don't you remember when...." when I already admitted that I have forgotten stuff.

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