Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Operation Application

One of my girlfriends here in DC is also looking for a job. We decided to test our motivation levels to see if we put out the same amount of applications a day together as maybe we would by ourselves. It would also give us time to commiserate between application/job hunting/cover letter making/resume building/hire me cause I am awesome sucking-up opportunities. We call it "Operation Application."

I had the thought that doing the job search together would be more productive if we had a contest. Little did she know that when she agreed that a contest could be 'fun' (and I am sure she was saying that purely to be nice) that I would take it to heart. I didn't create a bracket or anything, but I did come up with rules of the game and a nice little prize for whomever could pop out more applications by the end of the day.

Pretty much the only rule we ended up abiding by was the 'whoever puts out more applications and cover letters by the end of the day wins, and the loser has to buy the other person ice cream.'

Upon my job hunt today, I stumbled on this promising job that would give me experience:

a. Assisting and coordinated services that connect constituents with projects of a certain education group (HAZAA)
b. Writing communications info (GREAT)
c. Serving on teams and other organizational units (I LOVE PEOPLE)
d. Managing online material, special reports, surveys, correspondence (WOOHOO, WRITING RULES!)

It goes on, but you get it. I was sold on this agency and was super excited to write a cover letter and resume that reflects how awesome I am, and that the agency should hire me. Then I read the physical demands of the job, which included:

"Ability to sit at a desk for more than one hour at a time."
"Ability to bend and stoop in order to file and shelve."

I found myself laughing that those qualifications were necessary to include. I may have had tears!'s a doggy dog world out there!


Unstoppable Lindsey said...

and I really don't know what that means either....

A Bunch of Paynes said...

It's "dog eat dog" world. Rough. Tough.
Love you!

Tara Bergsjo said...

Good Luck. I hope you are having fun!

rawhide said...

ha ha i still love your doggy dog world comment....michelle, terrence, and i might have had a good laugh last night because of that on facebook. good luck finding a job!!! are you competeing with kristine??