Monday, January 31, 2011

Grilled, not sauteed

I just hope I don't offend my Vegan cousin when I buy and cook steaks at his house. Most of you know how much I absolutely love steak, and that when I was working I had to have red meat at least 3 times a day. Things have slowed down on my steak-purchasing days as of late....and finally, I just had to splurge. One thing about moving across the country is not knowing what to bring, and sticking with my gut when it came to bringing certain things. I had this moment packing up my kitchen things where I thought I needed to bring my fake George Forman grill with me.

My thought process: "Oh, I should totally take my grill with me...Terrence moved everything around in my car and now I have room for my printer and my grill....SWEET! Wait...seriously, I am going to bring a grill with me. That is so lame. I am sure Eva and Steve have one at their house. C'mon Lindsey, you don't need that."

Well, today, I went to the grocery store for my long awaited...and earned, steak. I came home all excited to eat because Andrew and I had some peppers left over from our Ethiopian night that I was going to fry with white wine and basil, and a potato that I was going to also fry up with a little paprika and chili powder...mmmm. So, I get home only to discover that the Burton's don't have a grill! I haven't cooked a steak without a grill before. I had seen my dad do some frying of steak, but I had never done it. I know, I know...really not a life-threatening problem, but a problem nonetheless. So, I finally settled to cook my steak in a frying pan letting the balsamic vinegar, juice from a hand-squeezed lemon and Worcestershire sauce soak. It was actually quite decent. I was pretty surprised. The last bite of steak was.....perfect!

Call me spoiled, but I still prefer my steak grilled, not sauteed. But if I had to do it all over again, I would!

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rawhide said...

yeah for steak!!!! i hope that you are enjoying your vegan lifestyle....i saw you kinda like the cat now. love it!!!