Thursday, February 24, 2011

Sign on my face

Some guy friends of mine, who are single, told me that I must have a sign that says 'I am not dating you unless you commit to me now' on my face.

Hello friends.....when were any of you going to tell me that? I implore, that if I have something stuck in my teeth, please tell me. If I have a sign that says 'Marry me NOW,' somewhere on my face, please tell me!

Seriously though, I couldn't help but laugh at this comment from my friend, who shall remain nameless. Really.

I actually tend to think that my sign says something totally different like 'I am a nice, confident, totally hot, spiritual, friendly, and a totally amazing person. If you get to know me, you will have a lot of fun. If you decide you want to like me more than a friend, I will go with the flow and enjoy the journey.' Maybe boys just read the sign wrong.

This is basic Mars and Venus stuff. If you take me out on one date and we have an extraordinarily good time, then that is great. It was one date, and no, I have not chosen our baby names. However, if you take me out for months at a time having extraordinarily good times, exchange a couple affectionate moments, I may expect that we would want to have these good times more frequently and most importantly only with one another. No, this does not necessarily mean marriage.

Slow the train down folks and enjoy the journey of being able to date. Dating is good. Dating is great. Chant this with me: I like dating. Dating is good. I shouldn't make dating harder than it has to be. I like boys and boys like me.

I joke now, but before 2009, it wasn't so funny. I used to hate dating. There was always so much pressure to 'pass the interview,' and wonder 'did I make the EC (eternal companion) cut?' Oh, how silly. I still might not be an expert, as I am currently single....but I have to say, dating is so much more fun when I am not worrying so much about it.

So I will go around with a sign on my face that reads 'I will make you feel like the most important person ever when you take me out on a date and will have a good time in the process'.

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Andrea Jolene said...

Amen sister. Just because I'd go out on ONE date with you, does NOT mean I'm ready to pick out curtains and place settings. Though - truth be told - I think THOSE guys were talking about probably just want to find a reason why they don't ever date - and its someone elses fault ;) Accountability.