Sunday, February 6, 2011

Mood: Tired, but hopeful

Job hunt: great.

Interviews: haven't had one.

Networking: I don't think I have networked this hard since I tried to find a husband in 2001.

Faith: whole, unwavering.

Testimony: stronger.

Dating: yes.

In love: hmmmm, always.

Knowing that the Lord fulfills promises: adamantly, yes.

Still doped up on allergy meds: you betchya.

Missing my family: is it possible to miss people more and more and more and more everyday? H-word, yes.

Happy: absolutely.

Nervous: me? lol....who wouldn't be in my position?

Excited: Every day.

Still worth it to be out here, jobless: yuppers.

Highs: yes

Lows: yes

Mood: Tired, but hopeful


Rachel said...

You go girl! I hope for nothing but fabulous things to happen on your adventures!

Angela said...

Good luck to you! You will find something great. My dad always told me on the job hunt: If not this, then something better. It was so true!

SETHER+ONE said...

I've been thinking about you! I know how aggravating and seemingly never-ending job hunting can be, but I have faith in you! I'm sending good thoughts your way. Hope you are having a selfish bit of fun as well. Loves!!