Saturday, January 8, 2011

All about the babies!

"Don't worry....Brendon and I talked about it and we know that Jamie is the favorite because she has Allie," I said to my parents over Christmas break.

"Um nope, Allie is the favorite," they said in unison.

You know what, I LOVE that answer...and it's true, she is. Christmas this year was all about the baby...and we loved it.

I am sad that it is over. The brea
k was it always is with my family. We ate and ate and ate and played as many games as possible. We thought that since Allie has come into the family and more babies will be expected, we would start some new traditions. Reading Christmas stories before bed, singing carols around the piano, each person taking a night and cooking a meal and matching pajamas are only some of them. We also did a games bracket this year for New Year's. It was pretty amazing to see my parents do Xbox adventure games - jumping around to avoid hitting obstacles. HILARIOUS. Here are some other highlights:
  • I got really into jewelry making. Jamie modeled them for me. I see this being a GREAT hobby. Just need to get me one of those job things so I can start paying for my hobbies ;)
  • We went to the San Diego zoo....and got to watch more people than we did animals. There were so many people there that most of the animals were in hiding.
  • Hung out at Coronado Beach...a family tradition. At first, Allie was scared of the sand for an hour, but then got used to the idea and decided that eating it was pretty fun too.
  • Went ice skating. I watched the baby who loves the outdoors and not so much the cold.
  • Saw Tron with my mom. We love Jeff Bridges...particularly the old version of him. Not as much as Sean Connery, but a pretty close 2nd.
  • Playing games like "Curses" and "Quelf" where people have to act out during the dad's favorite. It was pretty hilarious to see my dad sticking his fingers in his nose, mouth and ears at the same time.
  • Bryan turned 12 and was ordained to be a deacon in the Aaronic Priesthood. How weird that my brother can pass the sacrament is crazy!

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Carolyn Hanson said...

Love all the pics, Linds. Your niece is cute! And so is your jewelry! I'm impressed!!

Wish I could have seen you and the girls while I was in town. I'm glad you had a nice Christmas, though. And keep us posted about your upcoming adventure moving across the country! I'm excited for you!