Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Saying Things Twice, Twice

I noticed that a lot of people like to say things twice. Not that it is wrong, they just do it. I do it. So, I am just wondering if it means something more if I say it more than once. Maybe something is more genuine and sincere when you say it twice??

What do you think?

Examples of things said twice:

Thank you, thank you
Done and done
Absolutely, Positively
Really, really (this may be a fad of Shrek)
No way, no way
Wait, wait
Stop, stop
Nope, no
Yep, uh huh
Ok, so I will do something, ok?
For a surety, I am sure
I know, I know

1 comment:

Brenden & Nikki said...

yes - saying things twice only makes them that much more emphasized. Like only saying it once makes a point - but saying it twice means you're really serious - like you are not kidding around. See what I mean?

I've noticed that I say things twice when I'm screaming in fear. Like when we had a cockroach in the house a couple weeks ago and I yelled "kill it, kill it." That meant, "You better kill this thing right now or I'm going to really flip out and you'll have to send me to an insane asylum." If I had just said "kill it" once - then I don't think I really would have gotten my point across to Brenden.