Thursday, July 31, 2008

Rocking Blues with a 16 year old

I am absolutely blown away by the talent of youth! Seriously!! It seems like everyday, I get emails about extraordinary talent by youth from all over the world. Last night, I was completely taken back by this incredible 16 year old blues artist Andrew Goldring. His band rocked too.

I had a date that I was in charge of planning and I wanted to do something very out of the ordinary. I was just going to take him to a nice sit-down dinner, where we could talk, catch up...whatever. Instead, I got online to see what the city of Holladay had planned. Every Wednesday during the summer, the Holladay City Arts Council sponsors musicians to come and perform behind city hall. I wasn't sure what I was getting into by going, but thought that might be a fun date.

And let me tell you!! It was amazing. I was completely impressed by this young musician and his band. He really was inspiring. The way his fingers moved over his I also loved how catchy the music was and how random, yet awesome, the lyrics were. The date rocked too!

I looked for him online. You can listen to his music at Apparently, him and his band have some upcoming gigs in Utah. I am so there! I bought his CD last night and have listened to it at least 6 times. Here is a little diddy I found on YouTube. He also has his own YouTube page at

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Willy said...

Thanks Lindsey, always looking for new music!