Monday, January 7, 2008

Teen With Autism Becomes Basketball Hero

I know this is old, but it is incredible how much it inspires me, even today: It all started when Jason McElwain got a chance to play during the last game of the regular season. Jason is autistic, so the coach was just hoping he could make a basket. In four minutes, he sank six 3-pointers...Stories like this happen everyday. People have a chance to become heroes...let's take that chance. We can be a hero for people, or we can let them be heroes for us. It is not hard. It is time to commit to a better way of living finding the hero in everyone....even the guy who cut me off in traffic this morning!

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Uh, hi. This is Shelley. I am a blog stalker. Most of the time we say our hello's on the stairs at the condo, but why limit ourselves to a stairwell friendship? Anyway, happy I found your blog!