Friday, January 4, 2008

Christmas Vacation Memories

Things I will always remember about Christmas 2007:

Laughing hysterically during Loaded Questions: the question was, who do you fight with the most. People answer and someone has to guess who wrote what. Let’s just say that it is amazing anyone gets along with my dad….or me!

Family: Watching movies with the family every night, going to the container store, shopping together (we can’t even separate even though dad has opinions about how long we stay in each store…and sometimes it wasn’t even us girls,) pointing out the fire zones, going to the beach, deciding what to eat for dinner, pigging out on leftovers, laughing at ailments and drugs, scrapbooking, going to church and laughing hard at the part where the speaker was talking about a busy life and then his cell phone went off (I thought it was funny and realized I was the only one laughing out loud. I was so embarrassed. I thought it was perfect timing), Bryan saying that me kissing Bret made him sick to his stomach, turning the electric blanket on at night, Jamie’s addiction to video games, going to see where dad works, Super Mario, laughing at Jamie and me on the car ride to church (apparently making fun of us is hilarious), blustery lake walk, Ruby's diner ranch dressing, buying leather jackets and perfumes, running into friends from Sierra Vista (Christy Burg),going to the San Diego Temple, crying as we came back to cold weather and responsibility, I could go on and on.

San Diego Zoo: Monkeys and churros. Sh, the pandas are asleep. Parking in BFE and deciding to walk all the way to the zoo! I didn’t need to exercise the rest of the trip! All the animals were fairly lively….except the lions! Maccorium-tatestee (inside joke…sorry), weren’t we just here?, seeing the difference between the African and Asian elephants (WHAT….is the difference between an African and European swallow? WHAT….is your favorite color)?

Universal Studios: Screaming and jumping at the Terminator 2 3D movie, unexpected backwards mummy ride, hot chocolate and chicken (YUM), Jurrasic park ‘I don’t want to get wet, I call middle,’ Waterworld pyrotechnics ‘Oh, more fire…it makes me warm,’ dad’s goofy hat, listing all the movies we wanted to see, holding tight hands and jumping at the werewolf in the haunted mansion, the snoring chorus of dad and Brendon (poor Bret), hot tub-ing at the hotel, dreams about all you can eat buffets, watching Monk.

Wicked: Meeting up with girlfriend April and going with her and Ramona to the Grove, laughing at Glinda, being amazed by Alpheba defying gravity, seeing the facial expressions of the actors and actresses, loving the music so much- we had to get a CD, needing a bathroom- but not finding one because every gas station goes into lock-down mode in LA, getting lost using the GPS lady to get home to San Diego (she took us to the hospital).

Injuries/Ailments/Illness: We do this as a family, neck/arm injuries, healthy-back store-we spent 30 minutes getting massaged in the chairs, overnight flu, Bret taking care of me- buying 7-up and soda crackers (he is wonderful), finding dad and Bryan out in the hallway at church due to upset stomachs only to realize it hit me later too, pain-killers, Mommy taking care of me (yes, I am 25), hot-flashes, runny noses, sprained ankles, not being able to lay down, but all in all….we didn’t let it slow us down!!

Christmas morning: Santa came….a couple nights before (Bryan found some of his presents had already come), but he came again! Sentimental gifts and shocks and squeals at hidden treasures, wanting to open Jamie’s present before she came because we wanted to use it!, rice balls, Christmas dinner (turkey turned out amazing), staying in our pajamas almost all day, a good Christmas post-walk, burning CD’s, Simpson’s, scrapbooking, whipped cream chocolate cookies.


Nikki said...

These pictures are great! It is so fun to see your whole family...I can't believe how much the boys have changed...and how much you girls haven't! :-)
I am so glad that you had such a fun Christmas...and I am also so glad that I am not the only one who says BFE :-)

A Bunch of Paynes said...

I would have laughed at church, too! And Rus said he would have been right there with you. Stuffy, silent laughing Californians! I loved your post, it was a great way to hear everything about your vacation. I miss you chica! I'll call you this week!