Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Possibilities-Thank you for honoring your commitments

Over the past week, I have been reflecting my life and the opportunities that I have missed because I have been so caught up in life. I missed out on truly knowing who I am. This past weekend, I went through a series of incredible emotions that allowed me to be able to say:
I am completely committed to the gospel of Jesus Christ!

The possibility I have invented for myself is the possibility of being alive. With this aliveness, I created the possibility of being spiritual. This is me. I am spiritual. With this realization and discovery this past weekend (thanks to the Landmark Forum), I am committed to spreading the good word! I want to thank all those who are committed to spreading the good word.

This past weekend I lost a very imp
ortant person in my life....a very important person in many lives. The Prophet who completely committed himself to leading the gospel of Jesus Christ. Thank you to those who are keeping his memory alive. As I contemplate this great loss, I am excited for the new possibilities for the gospel to roll out with fervor.

Here are a couple people who inspire me:

Russel Page: Thank you for putting all of President Hinckley's talks online on January 28th, for those of us who haven't thought of it before. You have created the possibility of being committed to your word.

BYU Alumni Center: Thank you for the memories and for honoring the Prophet.

YouTube: Thank you for hosting an incredible testimony!

KSL: Thank you for making accomplishments of the Prophet available online.

Salt Lake Tribune: Thank you for seeing how others pay respect to the Prophet.

President Bush: Thank you for honoring this most beloved leader!

Glen Beck: Thank you for not being a 'fathead.'

I will miss this incredible man whose influence has been so very present in my life!

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RussellPage said...

The list is done, and there are instructions there on how you can add all of President Hinckley's talks to your site as well. I would encourage you to let others know they can add them as well.