Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Signing Time Going to Ghana

The Signing Time Foundation has partnered with Signs of Hope International to bring the hosts of Signing Time!, to Ghana, West Africa. On January 21st, the Signing Time Team, including Leah, Alex, and Rachel, will head to Ghana, West Africa for 10 days to teach sign language to students that are deaf. The Signing Time Team will also help the teachers learn how to teach sign language.

It is incredible to see all these different organizations dedicated to making the future for children in Africa full of possibilities. Some other organizations that I respect: ONE, Shameless Self Promotions, Oprah's Angel Network, Charlize Theron's Africa Project, Choice Humanitarian and much more.

We have been given so much. Why not help? People might think, 'Why help there when we need help here.' My point is, why not support those who are willing to help anywhere?

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