Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Newest Member of Our Small Family

This morning I received the following text message:

"Kiss Kiss from me, Trevor, and Stewart."

I once blogged that I slept with a Teddy Bear. It has nothing to do with security or comfort, but more about the fact that my firm Teddy Bear keeps my arm from going underneath me at night, a symptom that plagued my early high school years. I received this Teddy Bear in high school from a good friend named Trevor. 

After years of having my Teddy Bear, I slept with him one night and was shocked to realize how much I loved it. I was about 19 years old at the time, and sleeping with the bear became habitual and something I looked forward to. After a while, I also realized that I needed to name my Teddy Bear. I decided it was only fair to name him after my friend who gave him to me. I find that I don't need to have him all the time, and it isn't like I sleep better having him there, but Trevor and I have a long history, and I am not ashamed.

That being said, when Adam and I first started dating and he saw Trevor, he thought it was great I had a Teddy Bear. I didn't confess that I slept with the Teddy Bear until we had been dating a while. When Adam found out, he embraced it with open arms. He would often talk to the bear upon entering my room, and asked him all kinds of questions like "Trevor, does Lindsey snore?", "Trevor, what secrets does Lindsey tell you?"

Then one morning after we were married, I caught Adam sleeping with Trevor! When I yanked Trevor away from Adam, Adam exclaimed that sleeping with Trevor was the best! I laughed and laughed, but Adam was dead serious. It therefore became a game to see who got to sleep with Trevor. When we were home during the day and Trevor wasn't placed in his spot on the bed, Adam would ask "Where's Trevor" in this cute little voice he gets when he talks to children and animals.

That being said, Adam has this thing for squirrels. In our kitchen we have a squirrel that is holding two acorns full of salt and pepper. He has recently become our kitchen mascot that we named Chaz (which came about when I started singing Chaz-nuts roasting on an open fire). To further my case that Adam likes squirrels, every time we are out and about, Adam has to talk to all the squirrels we see. He calls to them saying "Com'ere you little bitty buddy." He just loves them. As is an Easter tradition, I decided to buy Adam his own little Trevor in the shape of a squirrel. It took me a long while before I found the perfect one. I didn't want this squirrel to look so much like the real one's, but cute, fuzzy, and friendly. After a day or two of searching, I found the perfect one.

Everyone, meet the newest member of our small family: Stewart

We got him in the mail the day before Easter from, and he is even cuter in person. I don't know why we named him Stewart, but the night we got him and I said it jokingly, it stuck. Every time we get ready for bed, Adam has to make sure Trevor and Stewart are ready to go to sleep too. It may seem silly, but this little ritual has become one of my favorites for us. I never thought that it would be such a comforting thing, but I know that if Adam is asking where Trevor and Stewart are, that all things are right in our marriage and in the world. 

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