Sunday, September 20, 2009

Off to the Races

First, I have to give credit to the Triathlon committee for still accommodating the swimmers. Thank you. For having less than 24 hours to figure out a way to still doing the swimming portion, I thought the execution of this portion was well done. Perhaps another testament that I prefer walking...the tri was AMAZING-10 minutes after I was done.

Here are a couple of thoughts I have for fellow athletes:

Thought 1: In any sport warm-ups are important. Whether a person is running, swimming or biking, it is best to start out by warming the body up. If you enter a race without warming up, your chances of injury are lessened by at least 80%. It was nice that we had the chance to swim, but waiting an hour in the cold morning air in our suits is not recommended. For all other athletes...this is also important. My teammates TOTALLY ROCKED it because they warmed up. Seriously, stellar performances by my fellow "Fighting Oranges" Dan and Britt Burton (my cousins in crime)...way to warm up!

Thought 2: If you are more a swimmer than a r
unner (present company included), instead of slaughtering competition in the water, jumping out, immediately getting clothes on to begin the run...perhaps take your time to catch your breath before beginning the run. If it means that you are still warming up by walking...that is OK. This reduces the risk of lung damage or asthma attacks that may ensue due to the fact that you did not catch your breath following the swim. This is for sprint cases only. If you are doing Olympic swim, it is healthy to get yourself into a breathing pattern, while still executing a fast pace.

Thought 3: It is OK to walk if you are not a runner....even if it is only 1 mile. (This thought was here just to make me feel better about my performance, although I did run the last 1/4 mile).

Thought 4: Going to the bathroom whenever you don't feel like it is key. Even if it means peeing 4 times before a race, it is better than having to go in the middle of the race. Just like your parents used to make you go to the bathroom at every rest stop while you were traveling, even if you didn't have to go...this technique is actually extremely recommended right before a race.

Thought 5: Enjoy the event even if expectations don't match up with reality. After I remembered who I was..what's my name (following my run), I was able to hang with my buds (shout-out Gena-amazing triathlete on leave, Amanda and Pete-cousin and stupendous Olympic triathlete) who attended the race. I enjoyed the rest of the day supporting other runners/bikers/swimmers who have incredible stories of overcoming trials in order to compete. Whether it is battling cancer, overcoming fear of running ;), post-baby goals, or just reaching a specific goal, I had so much respect for the people that competed with me in the triathlon. Sure, I had the easy part...but it was so amazing to watch people as they crossed the finish line. A certain triumph and pride filled the air. What a desirous and infectious attitude.

Worth betchya.


A Bunch of Paynes said...

Yay!! Good job Lindsey! And Bobby! You are a gifted swimmer, and a successful anti-runner-runner, so awesome job!

BBB said...

You totally rocked the swim/run. You also did a great job taking pictures of the whole event. Thank you!!!

Daniel B. said...

Cuz, I'd do another relay with you any day. Even if Pete does need to make half a dozen stops at the port-o-potties before the race.

You were great, you were fast, and you were inspirational. Go Team Fighting Orange!

Lish Fish said...

Good for you..and Bobby. That is so so awesome. I would love to just be able to run a 5K one day and that is tiny compared to what you just did. You are a Rock Star! Way to go!

Jana and Brett said...

Wow! Super chick! And you look great by the way! Finally some pics of my Linds! :0)I love to see your bright shining face.


I knew you would make it. You are amazing.

Unstoppable Lindsey said...

A Bunch of Paynes: YAY for Bobby, props to her antirunningness and doing it anyway! Thanks dear.

BBB: Seriously...a blast and a half. You should for sure blow up the one with the portos and bikes and hang it on your bathroom wall.

Daniel B: Hear hear!! Cousins in crime, I will do it for REALS when the lake is rid of all wormy-type bacteria!

Lish Fish: can run a 5k! Just google best techniques in how to get started and your Bobby will just light up on the inside. Thanks, Bobby says thanks too ;)

Jana and Brett: Oh, my face was not so bright as it was shiny at the end of the day! But thank you for the encouragement...

Shells Bells: Twoo Twoo...thanks lady!