Friday, September 18, 2009

Bobby is freaking out!

Well, you will never guess what was posted about the triathlon. Here is the press release from yesterday:

US Trisports Race Management
September 17, 2009

Daybreak Triathletes,

On Wednesday September 16th, Kennecott Land informed us that the Salt Lake Valley Health Department collected samples from the shores of Oquirrh Lake to determine if it has been contaminated with Ascariasis, known as roundworm. There have been three confirmed cases of roundworm in the valley, however it is unclear if the exposure occurred at Oquirrh Lake.

As race directors, we are committed first and foremost to your safety during the race. In accordance with USAT guidelines, US Trisports tests the water at each lake to ensure safety. Kennecott Land also routinely tests the water quality of Quirrh Lake to ensure that it meets Utah Department of Health standards. In all cases, the tests have shown that Oquirrh Lake meets proper safety standards for the tests conducted.

However, the test for Ascariasis is not a test that is conducted due to the rarity of the organism here in Utah. For additional reference we have included the statement from Kennecott Land below.

We continue to await the results of the testing from the Salt Lake Valley Health Department and will work closely with SLVHD and Kennecott Land in determining the best course of action for the swim portion of the race. The bike and run segments will remain unchanged and will go forward as planned. We will keep you updated by email and on our website as to the contingency plans for the swim.

Best regards,

Greg Fawson & Aly Brooks
Race Directors
US Trisports Race Management


Thursday, September 17, 2009 - 10:30 a.m.

Kennecott Land closes Oquirrh Lake Beaches as a safety precaution

The Salt Lake Valley Health Department (SLVHD) informed Kennecott Land on Wednesday, September 16 that three confirmed cases of Ascariasis, known as roundworm, were reported on Tuesday, September 15. The individuals involved live in South Jordan and reportedly played in Oquirrh Lake during the summer months.

It is unknown at this time whether the individuals were exposed to the roundworm at Oquirrh Lake. Samples of the lake shore were collected by the SLVHD on Wednesday, September 16 to help determine whether the sand was the source. Roundworm eggs are typically introduced to soil through human fecal matter and do not commonly exist in Utah. Tests results are expected before the weekend.

Kennecott Land routinely tests the water quality of Oquirrh Lake consistent with the standards set forth by the Utah Department of Health for this type of lake. As a precaution, Kennecott Land closed Oquirrh Lake beaches on the same day we were notified. The beaches will be closed for the remainder of the season, which typically draws to a close in September.

Water quality testing results, by Kennecott Land, have been within acceptable levels. According to the SLVHD, Utah bodies of water are not routinely tested for this organism because of its rarity. For more information on symptoms and treatment:
contact your physician
call the SLVHD Division of Water Quality at 801-313-6700

Planners of the U.S Trisports Triathlon, scheduled for this Saturday, are evaluating alternative options for the swimming portion of the event. The race has not been cancelled and athletes are being notified today of race changes.
Here is the press release from today:

US Trisports Race Management
September 18, 2009

Daybreak Triathletes,

The Salt Lake Valley Health Department and Kennecott Land, the owner and operator of Oquirrh Lake have determined that the lake will be shut down for the season. As you can imagine, we are deeply disappointed that the swim will not happen in Oquirrh Lake, but support the decision to ensure that the health of our athletes is not in any way compromised.

We will be conducting a short 75 meter pool swim at the East Lake Pool with a 1 mile run to the transition area. While not coming close to the actual experience of a full distance open water swim, the combination of swim and run to the Transition Area should provide a fun challenge to the athletes before continuing on to the bike and run portion.

You will still need to arrive for chip timing pickup and body marking which is open from 5:30 - 6:30am. Please do not arrive later. After you receive your chip you may proceed to the transition area where you will rack your bike. You will need to proceed south, crossing Daybreak Parkway to the large field and assemble to the west of the stage. (North East corner of Kestrel Rise Rd. / Daybreak Parkway) We will shuttle athletes from there to the East Lake Pool. Olympic Athletes will go first followed by Sprint athletes. Bringing your running shoes with you to complete the run to the 1 mile run back to the Transition Area. Please note that spectators are not allowed in the pool area.

While not what any of us had planned we still think this will be a fabulous race. We've got great prizes and giveaways planned and the bike and run course should still be spectacular.

We have been overwhelmed with the amount of support from you, as athletes, and we appreciate your understanding. Thank you for realizing that these things happen and are beyond control. You are the reason we do what we do.

We look forward to seeing you there.

Greg Fawson and Aly Brooks
Race Directors
US Trisports
That's right folks. A 75 meter swim....significantly less that 1 mile (about 1 lap and 1/2) turned into a one mile run....Bobby is freaking out! How about the Trisports people still let me swim a mile and then once I am done, radio my team to go!! What a brilliant idea. Running...really, really? I mean, Bobby will try her hardest..

Let's talk about policy and implementation for a minute. You would think that maybe, just maybe the state would have thought to themselves several months ago when this shindig was being planned that they should check the water...oh I don't know....3 or 4 MONTHS PRIOR to the race.

Well, after having read the information above so that I could make CRUDE comments about the implementation of this investigation, it seems that the state has covered their bases. The incidents of bacteria roundworm being found were reported on the 15th, so I can't blame the Health Department for being slow in their investigation since they just barely got wind of the incidents. Nor can I blame them for beginning the investigation 3 days prior to the race, they have just cause and are following the rules of any reasonable government agency. They are insuring my safety so I don't die from this mysterious roundworm dude. So, I can't blame anyone. Dangit.

Lindsey says: Welp.... I guess I will run it.

Bobby says: Boo.

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Dearest Bobby:
You can do it! I believe in. Good luck with the swim/run.