Monday, February 16, 2009

Valentines Goodness

Talking with some of my guy friends, they insist that Valentines Day is a bunch of hooey. What is that movie that has the line "Valentines Day is just a day for all those businesses to make a little more money with cheap things like stuffed animals and bouquets of flowers." ?? I can't remember the name of the show, and don't really know if that is the line or not...but you get the point.

Why is Valentines Day for women so important? I really don't know, all I can say is that it is my favorite thing to be loved! It's true, who doesn't like to know that they are loved?

This Valentines Day is going to be hard to beat. I am in New Mexico, not the old Mexico, the new hang with my BFF from high school, Keri Payne and her family. Not only do the kids want me to stay forever and ever (which I am sure Keri's husband Rus would love), but I pretty much just don't want to leave. There wasn't a day that went by where I wasn't involved in some kind of artistic/running around/playing with kids all day/eating/baking kind of activity. Just a couple highlights:
  • Bekah and I were playing dolls in church, and the daddy doll was doing all kinds of crazy things. When I went to make sure Bekah's dress didn't fly over her head, she said, "Who did that? You or the daddy doll." I said, "The daddy doll." She said, "What! Did he see my panties?" Oh dear.... I believe I took the blame for that one
  • Waking up with smiley Beau every morning...actually I slept in, but I got to see him when I woke up. I really have never known a more smiley kid...
  • Taking pics of all of Keri's kids, until they went blind...ssh, I don't think she knows, but Jacob may have run into the wall after I took 29 pics of him in a row
  • Baking goodies after the kids went to bed and hiding them so we could have them all to ourselves
  • Late night chats
  • Tyler coming to visit too
  • Playing tricks on the kids
  • Drawing life-size drawings and hanging them on the wall
  • Valentines Dinner-adorned with candles, sparkling cider, heart-shaped plates and straws, making heart-shaped pizzas, dipping angel food cake in chocolate, sneaking kisses from unsuspecting parties
  • Let's not forget Valentines Breakfast with pink heart-shaped pancakes and the all incredible cupid pancake that for some reason couldn't be if it refused!
  • Dancing around with glow sticks and jamming to really loud music
  • Going to Explora and having more fun than the kids! Maybe we lost them a couple times....
  • Saying nightly prayers, everyone has their turn
  • Picnics on the living room floor
  • Quiet-time hanging on my bed
  • Dancing around the kitchen...pretty much there was a lot of dancing all weekend
  • Going to church and loving it!
  • The time I heard Bekah and Jacob playing and they were about to go and attack the bad guys with light sticks and Bekah said: "Come on Jacob, let's go, but first we have to do our taxes."
  • Finding out about the night fairies that come and sprinkle dust on the kids' eyes at night so they sleep well, or about the gunny bunny who comes in and steals all the toys if they are not picked up, and the hair fairies that come and dance in your hair and make knots...all these things I didn't know existed...Yikes
  • Getting songs stuck in our head. If not the whole song, at least part of it
  • Using plastic wrenches to perform open-heart surgery
  • Going to the Albequerque temple with Keri....highly recommended to also bring a picture-taker
There are so many other good times that we is hard to list them all. But I think that gives you a pretty good highlight. So, have a pretty hefty load when it comes to fulfilling all my future Valentine expectations. The bar has been set pretty high and you have Keri and her family to thank for that!

In the words of my good friends who wrote Moulin Rouge, "The greatest thing you'll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return."


Tara Bergsjo said...

Rob doesn't like valentines day. He always does something, but he always says " I show you I love you everyday, so why make a fuss over valentines day." He really does show he loves me everyday!!

Lish Fish said...

I am glad you had a good time. That pic of the baby is priceless! I love it. We dont 'do' Valentines that sad? We never have. I usually get dinner and a movie somewhere around the holiday but NEVER the day of...everywhere is too crazy. It works. Although, I would be completely blown away if he brought me flowers...even some crap from Albertsons....alas, I dont think that will ever happen. Miss ya babe!

V.I.C.K.I. said...

Valentine's Day- I pretty much don't care either way. It's pretty commercialized but that's how most holidays go. We never ever put pressure on ourselves for Christmas, birthdays, Valentine's Day, etc. We do different things during the year, who needs dying roses?

Lisl and Stephen said...

Sounds like you had an awesome time!! That's so great that you got to go stay with Kerri and do all those fun things!

The Schneider Family said...

I am glas it was a good one for you! Keri sounds like a fun mommy!

me said...

Sounds so fun! I love that if you click on the first picture, that little boy looks like he is in so much despair! Cute.


Jeff and Elisa said...

That's so fun that you got to see Keri! She is such a fun girl!! :) Ok, so I know this isn't the first time that someone has asked you this...but why can't you marry Tyler? Didn't you have a crush on him in high school? Well, who didn't I guess I should say!! Really, from what I remember he was a great guy! :) He should have taken you on a Valentine's date!! :)

Unstoppable Lindsey said...

Tara Bergsjo: It is so true...another reason why Valentine's Day is so fabricated. Show your love everyday men...I will take flowers and chocolate whenever you want to give them to me!

Lish Fish: not doing it isn't sad. I have actually refused to celebrate it until this year actually...hmm want me to give him a call and tell him how he can surprise you? NAH, it when you start setting expectations that everything goes to pot!

VICKI: You are so right. I never know what to do with them. Do I hang them and dry them up with hairspray, or just chuck them? Christmas though, my dear, must go the way I envision it, or it is couch-time baby.

Lisl and Stephen: I know, I am so glad I was able to see her. I'm trying to get around to all the friends this year....

Schneider Family: She really is the bestest mom. Just like I am sure you are! Well, and all my lady friends who are mom's. I had this HUGE realization that mommy business is tough yet the most rewarding experience ever!

Me: Oh I know it! We caught him at a great time...after a head bonking. Boys will be boys.

Jeff and Elisa: Tyler? What, never thought of it ;) Maybe I snuck a little Valentine's kiss from him too...ssh, don't tell ;)

Kameron & Gina Lee said...

Okay so I am a total blog stalker, I know...but I just wanted to say hello! Looks like you are keeping very busy, and Keri looks exactly the same as she did in high school! Its amazing how much changes in a few years. Hope you are doing well!!