Sunday, February 8, 2009

Mommy questions

All right all you mommies out there. Since I don't really want to send you all a survey, because let's be honest, you really aren't going to fill it out...maybe you can help me out anyway. I have just a couple questions that have been on my mind since December. Oh...and it has been pointed out to me that even people who are not mommies may actually have an opinion about these things too...

1. What brand of detergent REALLY keeps the colors in? The commercials are all throwing me off. Which brand do I buy? I have this amazing black shirt that I wear almost twice a week. Oh, those Target-brand crew cut shirts are just heaven. But who knows if they are going to be in style next year. I did not do the smart thing and purchase at least 5 of them to stock up....oh dear. I must preserve the one I have. What do I do?

2. Am I really supposed to lose that MUCH hair when I shower? I mean I am not pulling out clumps or anything, but my goodness, when I run my fingers through my wet hair...I can't help but notice that it just keeps coming out.

3. According to friend TAMN from the bestest blog ever: Seriously So Blessed, I am considered a spinsty. Well this is one spinsty that does not want wrinkles, no matter how old I am. What inexpensive brand of facial cream do you recommend? My skin is not oily or dry, I am in-between. Any really great anti-wrinkle creams?

4. How many boxes of Christmas decor do you have? How many are appropriate?

5. At what point should you set up Christmas or take it down? I did good this year...I think Christmas came down in the first week of January, but last year, I left Christmas up until February 14th. That seemed like a great day to take it down...


Laurel Leaves said...

I am not a mom either honey, but I can answer some of your questions.

Liquid tide, any of it, is the bom.

Yes, it is natural for your hair to fall out when you wash it. Same as when you brush it, that is why you have to clean your brush out. Unless you have really thin hair I wouldn't worry about it.

If you do have thin hair Nioxin (available in salons) is the best for stopping hair loss. (my sister is a stylist)

While not the cheapest Pangea is AMAZING! Not only is it 100% organic, but the boxes it is packaged in are both recylable and contain seeds. Yes I said seeds. This means you plant the actual box in the ground or a planter box and they grow actual herbs! Doesn't get greener than that. Their eye cream is not listed on their site but is available at the Trade Secret at Fashion Place mall.

My sisters boyfriend is a smoker and after three weeks of using it the wrinkles around his mouth and face decreased by about half!

For skin care (you may recall I was a makeup artist for a stint) you want to avoid things with a lot of fragrance, normally that is to cover up the smell of things that you should not be putting on your skin. Also anything from the grocery store is not going to do what you want it to.

I don't think there is a limit on how much christmas stuff you can have. It's the funnest holiday of the year. Christmas ornaments and decor are like shoes... you always need more.

Typically you should wait until at least the day after Thanksgiving to set up. Let one holiday finish before starting the next one, otherwise you are missing out!

I would say if you still have your tree etc up two weeks into Jan it is time to take it down. But have it up for New years! Makes that holiday more festive.

There you go. Advice from Dear Amy.



Lisl and Stephen said...

I always use All for laundry; never use powder stuff, it may last longer but it turns the water hard, and then things fade.

I actually read something from a magazine (not sure which, but won't be hard to find the one because I rarely read mags) about how your follicles naturally in turn stop a hair from growing. It could be a change in hormones, stress, lack of sleep, etc. And 2 months after these changes, and the hair stopped growing, the hair will fall out. 90% of our hair is growing at all times, so it could seem like a ridculously large amount of hair falling out, its normal. Its been happening to me because I've had way too much stress lately and forgotten how to handle it. Also if you brush your hair while its wet it won't make more hair fall out than normally would (unless you feel it being pulled out of your scalp).

I'd like to know about the skin thing too. I feel old age catching up faster than my actual age.

My only thing about limiting Christmas stuff is if its cheesy, and really over doing it, then you might reconsider. Otherwise, no, you can't have too much. Besides you could change it up every other year if you wanted to, and had enough stuff.

My in-laws take all their decor down on New Years Day, we took ours down probably that weekend after (we had time to do it). I am amazed that a large percentage of people still have their decor up, and last night I even saw lots of it still lit. I think thats excessive.

me said...
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me said...

Some single girl answers...

3. A 30-year old with fabulous skin told me that Clinique's Turn it Around cream works miracles, and really did reverse her lines.

4. However much you want!

5. Valentine's Day was WAY too late. First week of January - meaning January 7 at the latest. You can start decorating anytime after Thanksgiving - same goes for listening to Christmas music.

If I hear of another married girl calling you a spinsty again I am going to punch her in her stretch marks. :)


Tara Bergsjo said...

Well I am a mommy! And I love it!!

I would say liquid tide! That is all we ever used until we had kids and now I buy a little cheaper, but not to cheap! I think the most important part is that it is liquid!

I hear hair loss is normal as long as you are not looking bald! And you have tons of beautiful hair so don't worry!!

I use mary kay makeup! It is not the top of the line but it is not from the grocery store! I really like it!

My famiy loves christmas and I put out as much as I can with the space I have. I put it up any day after Thanksgiving and really try not to put it up any later than the first day of December. I have a slight problem with taking it down, I always take it down to early. I start feeling like my house is to messy and I have to put it all away. I am trying to get better about this. A couple of years it came down Christmas night and one year the day after Christmas. This year I left it up for 5 days after Christmas!! But I would say for sure it should be down by the end of Jan. But I would go crazy if it was up that long!!
Love Ya!!!!

Laurel Leaves said...

Hey I just realized that the Pangea I told you about, while amazing, isn't the one with the eyecream it's by Murad. But honey you are so young and don't need the hardcore stuff so I would go to the Mac counter and get their eyecream. It works nicely and is not crazy pricey.

And seriously your friend is right, LMAO, a spinster at your age? Only in Utah baby. *shakes head*


The Schneider Family said...

You are TOO funny!! Im a mommy and I don't think I have any GOOD answers to those qestions!

I always buy the detergent I have a coupon for OR the cheapest. Mostly Tide! Saving money is always in the back of my mind! But I have heard good things about Woolite. It is supposed to keep your colors bright and looking like new!

As for hair falling out. I am the Queen!! I always clog our drain! I haven't worried too much about it, I have LOTS of hair!!

I wash my face morning and night, but honey I am still in the acne faze! I use Pro Active, and YES its expensive!!

As far as Christams goes. We only have two boxes of Christmas decor. And as far as when I set up or take down, its all when I have the time! I try to set up after Thanksgiving. This year that didn't happen until days later. We didn't take down until the very end of January! I wanted it down after New Years, but that didn't happen either!

Good luck!