Friday, February 20, 2009


The Anxiety Song
by Lindsey Blau

What a waste of time
Yet I end up getting lost in its power
I build myself up and up and up
Because conquering anxiety seems attainable after a great speech or inspirational presentation

Then I am slammed...
boom, in the face
Just another reminder that there is someone out there
Making sure, oh making sure I don't get power hungry

Power, easily attainable, right?
But what really gives me power?
Is it perception of power? I am powerful because you think I am
Conquering little stumbling blocks over time and gaining deserved respect?

Imagine not being powerful one day
Then all of a sudden I had the ability to move mountains with my pinkie.

Am I grateful? Am I?

So, anxiety of being powerless is what I make of it
Because I am not powerless
I am not restricted
I am given the chance to climb at the pace that suits me and God

I will conquer this mountain of anxiety
I will conquer this thing called dating!
I will conquer this uncontrollable circumstance called unemployment
I will conquer this thing of watching my phone waiting for a call...

Because I am powerful and know how to conquer this anxiety