Monday, November 24, 2008


Can I toot my own horn? Toot, Toot.

Doing PR well


My ego and I have been celebrating since this was posted...and now I can't seem to fit my head through the door. Now it is time to get serious.

Next PR campaign?? I think so!!

Thanks Image Gal!


Lish Fish said...

Toot away my dear, toot away!!

Carolyn Hanson said...

Very cool, Linds. Well done!

Brenden+Nikki said...

WAY to Go girl!! :)

Unstoppable Lindsey said...

Lish Fish: Hah hah...imagine that someone only read the comments...what a treat they would be in for.

Carolyn Hanson: Thank you my dear.

Brenden+Nikki: Why my goodness...I think I will toot more often ;)