Monday, November 10, 2008

Matt Nathanson

Need I say more?? I mean really! He is amazing. I couldn't stop thinking about him after the concert on Saturday. Call it the fact that he is a brilliant musician, or call it the fact that he is so darn sexy...I think that his banter with the audience totally made the show for me. Perhaps the sneaking smiles from his drummer, or the coolness of guitar player (Aaron), who knows. I was completely blown away by this artist and his band.

Why he isn't featured yet on more soundtracks, I don't know. I am going to put a Youtube video below that doesn't even touch what the concert was all about. Warning, he cusses a little in the, if you don't like that, watch the second one, that is his music video, no-banter. If only you could be there to hear his banter.

He dedicated a song to Gossip Girls and admitted that he loved watching the show. He probably went on talking for a good 5 minutes about how he loves being caught up in the show just for a night and doesn't really hang onto it, but then knows every Monday, he needs to watch.

Seriously, I don't know what it is about Salt Lake City, but every artist comes and says what an awesome and rowdy audience we are. During the show, Matt said, "I am not just trying to kiss your butt, like all those other artists that say that you all are the best, you really are. Of all the times I have been here...seriously...Salt Lake City here I come." Then he played for a second and then stopped his band and said,"Except, what is up with your roads? I mean, it's like you all think this whole grid systems works out and freaking sucks. You expect me to find 206 South and 100 West? I mean it's like, dude, why do you live by the railroad tracks? And all your little villages have the same thing. I hate that....but love you guys anyway."

He was just so stinking funny! He made us sing...and after we sang 'Sunshine,' he stopped the band and said, "Are you serious. No wonder you all have the Tabernacle here." At the end of the show, he said, "OK, so this is the last song before we leave the stage and then you cheer really loud, and then we will come back on and do two more." Then after the song, he said, "All right, that's it, that is really it, we are leaving." It was hilarious.

I am not even going to get started on how much I liked watching him move. That's right...he has moves. If this video below doesn't capture it, then you will just have to go find out for yourself. At times, the chemistry he has with his guitar made me a little uncomfortable ;) Seriously, I loved that he was so into his music. I have a whole new place for Matt in my heart...aww!

First video with Banter:

Second Video: Car Crash, official music video

Hah, doesn't this just totally contradict my last post ;)

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Cameron said...

Ugh, I've never been so jealous of a guitar!