Friday, November 14, 2008

I stand corrected!!, I must clear up a couple of grammatical/spelling errors. In a world of googling words to check spelling, I looked up a word recently that I decided was thus accurate....and found out that the word indeed was incorrect. The correct word for the entry below is whittle....not widdle. Now that I think about it, a word like widdle could be used to describe what a dog does when they are overexcited to see you.

Other words of note that I sometimes confuse with other words:
  • Balling: I have used this word to describe when I absolutely can't control the tears. Unbeknowst to me...for some time, the word 'ball' actually means something else. Careful if you decide to google this word. I would actually recommend using a real dictionary to figure it out. Happy or sad tears, the correct term is 'bawling'.
  • Tote: I use this word (copyright Miaken) as a shortened term for 'totally'.
  • Whatevs: Shortened word for 'whatever'.
  • BFF: Yes, the word I used in the 80's meaning 'best friends forever.' I know I still have some necklaces from my BFF's in kindergarten through 8th grade. That's right Heather, Julie, Nikki, Meta, Angela, Jeannie, April, Amy...I'm sure I have missed out on several. I have a lot of BFF necklaces/bracelets. Keri love, I don't know if we went the necklace route or not....we knew each other more in HS....regardless I have kept them all. AND if I didn't get a necklace with you....sorry, I just ran out of room in my cutesy little jewelry box that has a ballerina dancing to tune when you open it!
  • BC: because. I am sure you knew that.
  • Awesomist, bestest...etc. You can add 'est' or 'ist' to just about any descriptive word and it is ok.
  • Idizz: Ideas. Probably sprung from the 'Snoop-dog' translation.
  • Eminated: an accidental combination of Emmy-nominated (which my boss is).
  • Rents: The parents.
If you happen to come across any more of my little errors....please point them out to me. It is most likely that I just don't know! Thanks Brent for being the inspiration of this post! You saved me from humiliation....I is a college student....gradeeated from Engrish.

That is all.


Cory said...

Wanna know my favorite word.....Awesomeness! For example, Look at my Awesomeness! Cause not everyone can be as awesome as myself! LOL!

brent said... I feel like a jerk. I should have emailed you instead of posted this on your comments. Bad form, Brent, bad form!

I listened to Radio West today...the show was about the English language of all things, and how our lovely tongue is changing.

And, just so you don't think I'm a complete vocab nazi, I have no problem with the totes, whatevs, BFFs, etc. because such is the way language evolves, and it's good, healthy vernacular. I find the use of slang like this to be entertaining and pretty darn charming.

It's when one tries to convey an idea that has an established spelling, and one doesn't want to confuse others, one needs to stick to the standard, preferably found in Webster's Third, or the OED.

Okay, this concludes the most pompous comment on language I think I have ever made.

Carry on.

Unstoppable Lindsey said...

Cory: I tote agree with your awesomeness, by the way.

Brent: The post was not intended to 'get back' at you dear friend. Really...I am humbled to know that even I, the most awesomist Lindsey ever, would make a mistake. FYI: My boss called me out on balling...'bawling' and I have been saving the post for just such an occasion. I will always take your advice on English rhetoric/spelling/grammar, whatevs. No harm done!! I appreciate the tip...keep 'em comin'.