Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Washington Post Article

Some of you might be tired from reading all about us, love, happiness, weddings, etc. But, I can't help it...we are in it and I love it and I love him.

Adam and I were recently featured in an article in the Washington Post in the Wedding section. The feature is called "We just had this amazing emotional and spiritual connection."

As we read it, we laughed and giggled remembering the experiences of when we met, and how we can joke about some things that seemed so serious in the moment, but are now wonderful memories. It was such a great opportunity to share our story. 

Just to share some random thoughts: Even though at the moment it was difficult, I really take value in the experiences I had being single. I was able to do and accomplish so many things that I perhaps wouldn't have otherwise. I am grateful that even at 30, I am able to be with a man that seems as if he was prepared for me all along. Just the other day, I caught him singing to himself, something that I had on my 'wish list' of traits I wanted in a man. He catches me off guard in how he fulfills what I need. I guess being married now as opposed to when I wanted it is how it needed to happen. I thank God for it everyday, well try to at least.


Steve Finnell said...

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AJ Candrian said...

AH! That's so awesome! Loved reading it!