Monday, March 11, 2013

Things About Being Married: I'm grateful

Some of my favorite things about being far...

  • Cleaning tricks. I caught Adam cleaning the bathroom! My favorite part about this experience is that it was right before bed, he was in his undies, and was brushing his teeth at the same time. What a man!
  • Doing my laundry. We now have to pay to do our laundry, which is hard for us to adjust to. Since Adam is still paying rent at his other place, he will do our laundry there....and he always takes all of mine and does it for me. How amazing is he?
  • Waking up next to him each morning. We are a little goofy when we are trying to wake up in the morning. I used to hate getting up in the morning. I have to admit it is fun to discover those little quirks that make waking up something to look forward to.
  • Not having to deal with difficult things by myself. I like being rather independent when I have to deal with some issues. Being with someone naturally lends the opportunity to figure things out together. It has been quite interesting trying to figure out things and learn how the other person does things. But, honestly, I love having someone who also wants to make the best decision, and who helps me when I don't want to make any decision at all.
  • Whispered conversations and little caresses. Waking up in the middle of the night and having whispered conversations, and hugging one another until we drift off again is one of my favorites - even though we are half asleep, and get a little goofy.
  • Going to church as a married couple. We went to our new ward yesterday, and had such an amazing time. I am still getting used to my new last name, but being called Sister Pence is pretty awesome.
  • Knowing what makes him tick. Adam likes things clean. He is not OCD, but he likes to finish any projects we have, cooking, counting change, moving furniture with Clorox wet wipes or soap. I like that every time we sit down to eat, he excuses himself to wash his hands. I like that I am getting to know the little things that make him tick.
  • Getting creative with space. Since Adam moved his things in, we've had to get rather creative with space in our little one bedroom. I find great joy in being the master organizer and being the most effective with limited resources.

    I am grateful for my sweetheart. We have had some interesting times, but jotting down these little things helps us get past those more interesting times. I waited for this man to enter my life for a long time, and it is up to me on how I am going to make the most of wedded bliss.

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Cori and Dusty said...

One of the most beneficial things to me about getting married a little later - you know you looked around a lot, and so you know you have been so blessed when you find the right one and get married. Appreciating your spouse and wanting to make sure you make them happy enough to appreciate you makes life awesome. Yes, there are things that are strange to get used to, but overall, marriage has been the sweetest of experiences for me. It made me part of an eternal couple and a mother. Isn't that amazing! Congrats! I'm so excited for your today and future.