Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Unofficially Official

Over the course of my dating life, I turned into one of those girls who liked the idea of being married, but wouldn't talk about it with those I was dating until I knew they were serious. I had relationships in the past where the guys would discuss getting married with me. As a consequence of talking about something so remarkable, I would get super excited and attached to the idea of marrying them. When it didn't happen, I would be heart broken.

First thing you should know:
Adam would often mention being married to me and all the different things that would happen. I refused to talk about it for a while, but after persuasion and sweet words, I caved, but didn't actually say the word 'marriage' or 'married.' Instead, I used the word 'smurfed' after a game that I have played where a player has to guess the action verb the other players have chosen by substituting the word 'smurf.' For example if the action verb is 'playing football,' and I don't know what the action verb is and I have to guess, I can only do so by saying, "have you ever smurfed in public?" or "does smurfing involve multiple people?" etc, until I guess what 'smurfing' really is. Regardless, we talked about being smurfed.

Second thing you should know:
Adam and I discussed our dating styles long before we talked about being smurfed. I indicated that while my other relationships happened fast and furious, that for the past couple of years, I wanted to get to know someone at a much slower pace. He agreed that he was also of that same sentiment. Thus, we decided not to place any expectations on the relationship and let it evolve as fast or slow as it and we wanted. 

During our relationship, Adam would say cute things to me like "I need you" "I want you." It became an inside joke, and it always made me smile. One day he looked at me rather intensely and said "I need you!" I laughed. He said, "No, I REALLY need you in my life." I looked at him and could tell that there was more meaning in what he was saying than ever before. I said, "So, do we need to talk about this seriously?" He said, "Well, I know your dad is only in town for a couple more days...I was kind of hoping to talk to him." I remember opening my eyes super wide and saying, "Oh, you are SERIOUS!" I remember smiling a lot as we discussed some details and particulars.

He talked to my dad, and shared with me the sweet moment. I waited a while before I told some of my family and he told his family. I laugh because my mom called me every day to see if she could start spreading the news to all of our friends. I told her to hold off until he officially proposed to me with a ring. I said, "Let him do the man thing mom...we can't take that from him!"

I laugh at the waiting game though. By the time he proposed we had already selected and called the temple to solidify the date, put a deposit down on the reception center, and I got my dress.....


Lish Fish said...

I am loving your stories!! So stinking cute and sweet. Awesome that you are taking the time to write it down. :). I am so super excited for you. Adam is a lucky man. :)

rawhide said...

you got a dress already!!! can't wait to see it.

AJ Candrian said...

I want to see your dress! Send me a picture!

Unstoppable Lindsey said...

Lish Fish: Grandma told me to write it all down....sure glad for her advice. Why are you so sweet!? Thank you so much love!

Rawhide: I totally got the dress. Funny story, I saw it 2 years ago on a billboard, called on it a couple days after we were unofficially engaged and viola, they had one left in my size. A sign?

Andrea: Pic on the way!