Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Rejected by a dating service

Ok, so maybe I am over exaggerating on the whole 'rejection' bit, but I just had to share this hilarious email I received after having signed up to go on a date with someone from another ward. (Ward being what we call another congregation in our church...it does not refer to the 'crazy' ward).

First, let me premise that I have been very anti about "social dating services" that the single's congregation provides. You know, I have been in several single congregations that try to encourage dating amongst our peers. People in the congregation are actually given callings (which are kind of like volunteer positions where you are responsible for certain action items in the congregation.) I have listed some of my favorite and not so favorite ways my single's ward has tried to help daters and non-daters alike.

8 at 8

One of my ward did a dating service called "8 at 8." In this dating activity, there are four couples that meet at 8:00 and go out to dinner, or do some kind of awesome activity like bowling, skating, etc. It is a good way to have fun with peers who want to go out and get to know one another on a date, but also a little more casually.

Date Box

I have also been privy to the 'date box' where those who want to participate can fill out a piece of paper either connecting two people they think should hook up, or anonymously putting in their own name with someone they have been wanting to go out with.

The 'date box' committee (planners) then call both parties written on the piece of paper to see:
a. See if they even want to go out without disclosing the name of the other person
b. If both parties agree to go out with the anonymous date, the member of the date box committee gives the lady's contact information to the gentleman.
c. The date should only last about 30 minutes, and is not meant to break the bank.

I actually had one date from this activity. Yes, I put my own name in. Thank you Dave for the hot chocolate and cheese fries!

Incentives Plan

I also had several friends in other single's wards who were EXTREMELY encouraged date to the point where their Bishop (priesthood leader of the congregation) would offer them incentives like:

a. Basketball tickets to NBA finals with the Jazz (these tickets are hundreds of dollars)
b. Symphony tickets
c. Cabin retreat day package, complete with four wheelers, lunch, and other provisions. Not for an overnight stay, but sort of like a day pass.

Speed Dating

Oh, and let's not forget all those amazing speed dating exercises. These activities allow me to talk to a person for 3 minutes, just like I would at a crazy single's party! Just enough time to see whether or not they can be my eternal companion! I jest, but you catch my drift....and I am sure have figured out that speed dating is not my fave activity.


I admit, I was one of those girls who thought the idea of being lined up by other church members who didn't really know me, was dumb. But, I made a clear resolution (before New Year's) to try out new ways of meeting men. So, not only was I resolved to meet men at the grocery store who happen to select the same exotic cheese as I do, but I would also give set up dates by the church a whirl.

I was excited to get to know other single's from another ward in my area. My hand shot up before the announcement was even over. The date entailed that 5 or so of us girls meet men from the other ward, and 5 or so of men in our ward would get to meet women from the other ward. It was supposed to happen this Saturday night.

The Email

Alas, alak. I guess it just wasn't meant to happen for me. It kind of reminds me of this job search journey a little...sheesh. I got this email this morning:

Thank you for signing up for our date night with the DC 2nd ward. Unfortunately, we were unable to get enough men from their ward to sign up, thus not everyone who signed up will have a date that night. However, here are some options:

- If you would still like to participate, we will do our very best to find a date for you on that night. We may match you with someone in Langley (we'll even take special requests).

- If you would no longer like to participate, we will keep you at the top of our list for our next dating activity should you choose to sign up.

- If you don't care about having a date but would still like to see the show, we will keep a ticket reserved for you.

Please respond to this email by 10pm on Wednesday, 12/14, with your preferred choice and we will do our best to accommodate you. We are so sorry that this activity has not turned out as planned so far. We hope you join us for another activity in the future.

Thanks for your understanding!


Hilarious, right? To tell you the truth, I am pretty confident that 2012 will be my extreme dating year ;) So, bring it on single's ward....you have one more year to work on it. And boys....man up!


me said...

Um, I have already dubbed next year "Husband Hunt 2012"... look like the race is ON! May we both be engaged by 2013! (me first of course)

-April U

Unstoppable Lindsey said...

Bring it sister. First one to the alter wins....