Monday, December 14, 2009

When I go....

Sitting in the salon chair getting my head massaged today was one of the most exciting and rather heavenly moments I have ever had. I was at peace, nothing could alter my calm as the salon coordinator sent my scalp on a journey from a dry desert wasteland to a beautiful thriving oasis of goodness and sensation. There is nothing like getting a good scalp massage. The thing about my salon is that they do not ever deprive my scalp of a good time. Perhaps to keep my business, a 10-minute scalp massage is always included in the price of my cut. My head has never felt so good! There is nothing like when the salon coordinator hits those tender spots on my head that make the tips of my fingers go numb. Don't even get me started on how I feel about the circular motions near my temples, behind my ears and a good ole neck-to-scalp teaser.

If not to stimulate the roots of my hair, this experience stimulated my mind to thinking that when I go, it better be in the amazing finger-to-head moment with my salon coordinator.

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Oh, I love a scalp massage. My sister is a hair stylist and I request a massage each time I see her. So so great and therapeutic.