Wednesday, December 16, 2009

One down...

Two more papers to go...oh and a presentation. Friday seems so close, yet so far away!



Lisl and Stephen said...

Ok, so have to say you're adorable. I've been so behind on reading blogs. So as I've been reading each entry of yours I have to tell you how wonderful you are!! Bert sounds amazing, and I'm glad you've been able to accomplish the one paper down, and I know you two will continiue to meet till its over. Till tomorrow, right?

And congratulations on being an Aunt. Tell Jamie I said Congratulations for me, please. That is so exciting that Allie is already here!! How often do you get to see her? Is your mom still here? What a surprise to arrive at the hospital and already get to meet your niece!!!

Oh, and I didn't know that about Audrey, but I have always admired her. Thanks for sharing that!

Good luck with the rest of your papers!!!!

caryn said...

Go Lindsey!