Thursday, October 1, 2009

Stinky Fish

Maybe some of you know this already, but for someone *echem* me, that just barely started cooking fish at home, I had a revelation this week.

Salmon skin is stinky. You read it...STINKY!! I mean, fish is in and of itself stinky, but seriously...seriously, salmon skin reeks. My first 'cooking salmon whilst in the comforts of my own home' experience was fantastic. It was only but a year ago that I decided to try this out for myself.

It was if it were yesterday. I remember purchasing my first 4 pound salmon at Costco. I remember thinking, wow...this is the brightest color pink I have ever seen. After unpacking all my groceries, I proceeded to divide this massive fish into little portions. I saved one for myself to cook and put the rest in the freezer.

After putting all of my very exotic spices, followed by slices of lemon and a little dill weed on top, I cooked it in my oven for 20 minutes on 350 degrees. The first taste was priceless. I remember becoming the biggest fan of cooking my own salmon.

One thing I forgot to mention is the absolute BEAUTY of Costco salmon: they package it sans (that means without) skin. Oh, and how wonderful it really is! Well, one day I didn't have time to go to Costco to pick out a 4 pound salmon, so I went to my lovely neighborhood grocer, Harmons, the next best thing...and HAZAA, their salmon was listed at 1/2 price because they had a really large shipment and needed to sell all that wonderful fishy goodness. So, I bought it with full intention of plowing right through my 3 pieces within the week.

I noticed the skin and kept it on while cooking, thinking it might keep the juices in even more than the tinfoil I usually wrap it with. I cooked it...and ALAS, HARK, OMGoodness, my house stunk for days. I remember the last time I had skin on my salmon...I remember being at my Grandma's and she cooked it on her outdoor OUTDOOR grill. Makes sense now.

I have since dreaded finishing up my other two pieces of salmon. There they sat in my freezer, only really 'fresh' for two more days. I broke down tonight and just had to try this again. I cut the skin off the back of the salmon and sealed the skins tight in a Ziploc, which I threw into the trash can (I believe at this point I was grimacing) - but you all know my experience with those. Hoping and praying that my house wouldn't stink, I took extra precautions opening the door to the balcony and igniting my Scentsy. I crossed my fingers as I stuck my fish in the oven.

20 minutes later....I couldn't believe it...sans skins was TOTALLY the way to go.

Stinky Fish: 0
Lindsey: 1


Lish Fish said...

Once again kill me. I love fish too, and like you, just recently. Kenna says she wont eat it..why? Because "she doesn't want to eat her own kind". She kills me. Come visit us!!

Cole said...

You crap me up, woman.

Cole said...

rofl... I meant crack me up.

Unstoppable Lindsey said...

Lish Fish: When did your daughter start doing stand up...I mean, really!?

Cole: Good catch...really! :)

Rustin & Kelsi said...

Fun stories! So, was the salmon as tasty cooked without the skin? My fav taste (not smell) is leaving the skin on and dousing with lemon sprinkling with salt & pepper & broiling uncovered then dousing with lemon again while you eat it. It makes the best crispy top with moist yumminess inside! Mmmm! It's kind of like fresh perfectly cooked french bread texture (crispy outside with moist inside). If I wasn't staying with my cousin who's husband would die if we cooked fish anywhere other than on the grill, that would be dinner tonight!