Monday, August 24, 2009

Starting School

I don't know what it is about the first day of school that gets me all hopped up and excited for life. I remember my very first day of kindergarten. I was a shy (believe it or not) 5-year old, still in the finger-sucking stage of my life. My first-day-of-school picture shows that I am wearing a pink dress and a white sun hat (very 60's appropriate), which I found out later that day that I was not allowed to wear inside. I remember my mom and dad going on and on about how this day was unlike any other day...that it was special. I think even my dad dropped me off for the first day. There I was, with Heather Barry, my BF at the time, standing there not knowing how important this journey was going to be. Then I met Ms. Stanlis. Looking back, she reminds me of an older Mrs. Weasley, but with a strictness in her brow that meant business. As strict as she looked, she didn't lack in fun either.The next thing I know... off my mom went...a bewildered daughter she left.

It isn't like I haven't had however many first days of school, but for some reason, today felt like my first day at kindergarten. Granted I have been enrolled at classes at the U since January, I couldn't help but feel again...bewilderment. What am I getting myself into (I mean that in a truly excited way of course)? On the way to my first class, I could just sense the excitement in the air....everyone wanting to get to their first class on time and make a good impression on teachers, fellow students, whatever. I could sense the general excitement...and sometimes dread emanating off every person I passed along the way.

I was appalled at the traffic on the way to the university. Granted I had class during the same time of day in the summer, the campus was almost completely deserted. Even in the fall, it seemed a bit empty. However, today was a different story. It took me an additional 30 minutes to get to class, just because of the build up. I guess you could blame it on all the road construction, but I would like to think it was because it was the very first day of school and people were just too excited to wait at home anymore and everyone had to be up on campus at 9 no matter what. As it seems to go, I am sure I will see it die down as we approach winter....but for today, I am going to relish the moment.

No naked dreams yet, but I am sure they will come as finals approach. Ah seems like so far away. But STOP, we are talking about today! New books, new teachers, new peers, new clothes (not really, but the thought of them is enough), new pens, new pencils, new pages to be filled with wisdom. How can I not get excited?

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V.I.C.K.I. said...

Oh first day jitters are coming back to me. Actually not jitters, but mostly dread. I prefer the second week of school. First day is always weird. XoXoXo