Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Children with Autism

There is this huge controversy about this show I watch, called Eli Stone. I love Eli Stone by the way, but it was pretty interesting to read the argument about the pilot episode. Essentially, Eli Stone’s character is a lawyer at a top firm who is approached about an autism case. In the show, Eli ends up winning the case against a pharmaceutical company, proving that the shots received by the little boy contributed to his autism.

I am only mentioning the show because it created this HUGE, HUGE debate online. This was a couple months ago. I couldn't help but ask myself WHY? I mean, it is incredible to see that autism is a very common special need that everyone needs to understand! I have been doing research about how sign language could really benefit children with autism and found that I am completely passionate about this subject. I realize that it is growing and that people need to start understanding it and maybe, just maybe, I could be tapping into something here that is HUGE.

Earlier I posted an article that includes this Youtube video. The Truth About Autism: Scientists Reconsider What They Think They Know.

Here are two articles on the whole controversy regarding the pilot of Eli Stone. Some very interesting stuff.

Pediatricians unhappy with Eli Stone
On TV: Controversy with Eli Stone

I was looking online today and found tons of articles about autism. Perhaps people are triggered by the fact that it is National Autism Awareness month, but people are starting to speak out. Take a look at some of these articles.

This excerpt comes from a CNN report: Jenny McCarthy: My son's recovery from autism, as written by Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carrey

"(CNN) -- In light of the recent Hannah Poling decision, in which the federal court conceded that vaccines could have contributed to her autism, we think the tide is finally turning in the direction of parents like us who have been shouting concerns from our rooftops for years.

We've met some of the most amazing moms and dads who are forging their own path to prevention and recovery. When our son, Evan, was diagnosed with autism we were lucky enough to benefit from their knowledge and experience. Evan has been healed to a great extent by many breakthroughs that, while perhaps not scientifically proven, have definitely helped Evan and many other children who are recovering from autism.

So where's the cavalry? Where are all the doctors beating down our door to take a closer look at Evan? We think we know why they haven't arrived. Most of the parents we've met who have recovered their child from autism as we did (and we have met many) blame vaccines for their child's autism.

We think our health authorities don't want to open this can of worms, so they don't even look or listen. While there is strong debate on this topic, many parents of recovered children will tell you they didn't treat their child for autism; they treated them for vaccine injury."

In addition to their comments, CNN has reported several stories that are related to these issues, including:

"The challenges of autism are great, but by many accounts, the rewards of raising a child on the autistic spectrum can be great as well." You Get a Slice of Heaven and a Pure Love in Your Home

Vaccine-Autism Question Divides Parents, Scientists

Getting Help for a Child With Autism
Autism's Mysteries Remain as Numbers Grow

Other Articles

Inoculated Against Facts:
New York Times
Maternal Antibodies May Contribute to Autism
: Reuters UK
Mysteries and Complications:
Autism is everywhere—once again. Separating fact from fear as the courts and Hollywood wade in: Newsweek

I don't have an opinion yet, but once I do...I will post. What is your opinion?


Soxy Pirate said...

Did you know that when her son was diagnosed with autism she had two Mormon Missionaries give him a blessing?

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Hmm...I think I raised a controversial issue. Anyone else have any thoughts?

Unstoppable Lindsey said...

Also, people, let's play nice or I will delete your comments ;)

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