Monday, April 14, 2008

11:53 p.m.

The last couple of days I have been reflecting about 'reactions.' I am up on the phone with a sweet lady who is fighting to get the best possible education for children in her native I look at the time and want very much to be curled up in my bed on the way to la la land...I have many choices in how to react.

I could:

a. Get all kinds of upset that I am losing my precious sleep
b. Get mad at the person for keeping me up at such late hours, when I made a promise to myself that I would be sleeping by now
c. Realize that I really don't go to bed until about this time anyway, why not take a crack at saving the world one human at a time
d. Understand that when there are deadlines...that is just what it is...a deadline, meant to be met
e. Write a blog about reaction
f. Choose a and b
g. Choose c,d and e

I chose g.

I could also add 'h' in there talking about how I could continue to blog about what an incredible sound wind makes.

I am sitting here in my guest room listening to the wind outside the window. There are these trees in my 'backyard' area that have been alive for goodness knows how long. They stand almost 5 stories high. I don't do calculations very well, but after seeing the trees while I was on the 4th floor of my building, I noticed it was slightly taller than that. Though the trees lack leaves, due to the left-overs of winter, the trees still make a brilliant and unique sound. With the windows shut, it almost sounds like the ocean. I don't know which tide, but the tide that brings in steady big and rolling waves - a mirage of ocean music...for trees. With the window open, it sounds like traffic when it is not as windy and then a mixture of waves and chimes as it picks up - a chorus of nature. Aah....wind.

All is now 12:07 a.m. and if I wouldn't have stayed up this late, I would not have experienced wind!

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