Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Stolen from Timmy: Do you dare??

I have tried some of these and it sure makes for some laughs. Goodness knows I could use some more laughs in life! I dared myself to try some of these until I laughed so hard, my stomach ached...
  1. Swat at imaginary flies any time someone says your name.
  2. Go through every ring tone on your cell every hour on the hour.
  3. Make a paper hat and wear it for 30 minutes.
  4. Copy a memo for each coworker requesting that they refrain from using the copier unless absolutely necessary.
  5. Express concern to a colleague that an office plant might be an illegal narcotic.
  6. Pretend to sign each word as you speak in a meeting. (This is fun in a signing sort of looks like mumbo jumbo).
  7. Wear a black armband for a day.
  8. Hang a sticky note on your lapel with the wordsAsk nicely and I probably will written on it.
  9. Page yourself on the loudspeaker and dont disguise your voice.


BrettnJana said...

I love it! Thanks for makin me smile. :0)

Carolyn Hanson said...

Funny stuff, linds.

Clay Brown said...

I LOVE it when stomachs ache because of laughter. I remember when I was 12 and visiting my cousins in Detroit and I made my nephew laugh for so long and so hard that his tummy hurt and he had to stop. My aunt and uncle thought I was bad, but I knew I wasn't. AND I knew that IF I WANTED to, I could do the SAME to them. But it was time to go home.

Laughter is great. Life's toooo short not to, you know, when you should but maybe not when you shouldn't, but if you're with cousins or friends who are CLOSER than cousins, shoot, do it.