Wednesday, September 18, 2013

September Resolutions: Happiness Project

Since the beginning of the Happiness Project, I have been working on the best way for me to approach coming up with my monthly resolutions. It has been quite a battle, as you could tell from my blog posts about failure and perfection. That is why I am not at all ashamed to introduce my September Resolutions in the middle of September. If anything, my procrastination should demonstrate my resolve in conducting this project in a way that is best suited for me - great justification, right :)

Gretchen Rubin, the author of the Happiness Project suggests tracking resolutions. Her thought is that making yourself accountable leads to the best success - and I agree. For her Happiness Project, Gretchen outlined her resolutions by implementing items based on one focus area. For example, for the month of February, she focused on marriage. 

As I talked about in recent posts and experiences, because of my need for perfection and running faster than I have strength, I decided it would be better if I created a more well-rounded approach. Instead of having one area of focus with 6-8 resolutions, I decided to have 6-8 resolutions in 6-8 different focus groups.

For September, my resolutions include:

  1. Spirituality: Study everything you can about prayer and communication with God
  2. Marriage: Be more playful
  3. Finances: Learn how to budget better
  4. Family/Friends: Call the people I care about when I actually THINK about them
  5. Intellect: Learn more about behavioral disorders
  6. Health: Develop Healthy Eating Patterns
  7. Time: Spend more time finishing projects: spirituality booklet/album
  8. Passion: Blog on your personal and company blog. Visit Washington DC monuments and take photos
Whatever the approach, writing down resolutions will help me hold myself accountable. I also liked Gretchen's suggestion of giving myself gold stars or stickers when I accomplish these items, or checking them off with a big fatty check mark. The satisfaction of meeting my goals by checking it off somehow will bring such accomplishment. I don't know why...but shoot, it works for 2 year old's learning to potty train, and it works for me too :)

To get started on my resolutions chart, Gretchen provided tools for a great start on her blog. Here is my adaptation. And even though I am posting this now, I am tracking these items and will give my monthly update.

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Nice...what about call your mom more often?