Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Top 10 Things

Top 10 Things I love about Adam

1. He likes to go antiquing...can you believe it!? Actually, I am still trying to figure out if he really likes going and looking at antiques, or if he likes it because I get super excited when I antique.

2. He is a phenomenal dancer. Here we are celebrating the holidays at my company party. We were on the dance floor most of the night.

3. He likes people just as much as I do. We have gone on some pretty cool double dates lately...and I am glad he lets me make plans with friends often. As far as I know, he really likes it too.

4. He loves his boys. I love that Adam still keeps in touch with people from his hometown. When we visited Indiana, we had the opportunity of hanging out with some of them. It was fun to see him with them. 

5. He loves all things mechanical. We went to the old torpedo factory where they had an original weight scale. He was mesmerized, and I was mesmerized by his mesmerization.

6. He is so good to me. Even if we are grumpy with each other, he still shows me that he cares.
7. He loves to learn. Here he is learning how to make beef jerky from my dad! Honey, did we register for a dehydrator?
8. He let's me have girl time. It isn't that he let's me...but he loves that I love being with my ladies. That is so important to me.

9. He loves hanging with my family.....I mean honestly, who doesn't? But seriously, he was one of the boys on our Christmas trip.

10. He looks good in every picture. I mean, it is unreal. Or maybe it is that we look so good together!? Can I toot my own horn for once! I would venture to say YES!


rawhide said...

Glad you love the man Lindsey!!! Its almost time to say you're getting married this month!

AJ Candrian said...

This is so sweet... and yes, you definitely look good together! Toot away lady!

Jennifer said...

You two look too cute together!! Wishing you both a life time together full of love and laughter!!! So happy for you sweetie!! :)

Michael and Heather said...

You two look like you belong together! Isn't that funny how things work out. Love this post. Hope we get to know Adam better.