Wednesday, July 27, 2011

One-Way Street

As I thought about this next post, I laughed. Such a metaphor for life.

Today, I turned down a one-way street (amazing right? It was my first time doing this in DC, not bad...), in order to get to the Pita restaurant. I followed another car who was immediately honked at. I quickly corrected my error, as I am sure people around me were wondering what in the world I was doing.

All I have to say is the pita and baklava were totally worth the trouble I went through in order to get it.



Mmmm. Baklava. I've been thinking about you lately and I hope you are doing well.

Tara Bergsjo said...

I am glad u didn't crash! :) stay safe and have fun. Miss you!

Quinn said...

Its funny and cute at the same time. (Probably because I would have easily done the same thing) So glad you were safe!