Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Highlight of my day

I guess it is a good thing that I already have a highlight of my day and it is 1:34 p.m. That means that the day will just get better, right? I had an informational interview today with a policy representative at the Gates Foundation. She was incredible and gave some great job-seeking advice. She asked me to make a couple changes on my resume and send it to her with a list of my jobs that I have applied for, saying she would help in any way that she could. I drafted an email of at least 8 jobs I have applied for in the past couple weeks. I am completely grateful for her willingness to help me out.

I remember reading and re-reading my email I was going to send her, heaven forbid that it turns out like one I sent a couple weeks ago to a legislative director where I spelled his name wrong (MAJOR faux-pas). I was in the process of getting ready to send when I noticed that in the beginning I said, "Hell (name)," instead of "Hello". Good catch, Lindsey....good catch. The highlight was catching my mistake before it was too late!

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