Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Random thoughts

Thought #1: I noticed that when I am with people who are drinking alcoholic beverages, that I generally tend to get my fill of what they are having times 3 in water. Tonight, my Capstone class met at Fiddler's Elbow for one final hoorah and a discussion of ethics in public administration. While some of my comrades enjoyed their on-tap drinks, I dove into a hot chocolate and 5 glasses of water. That's right, 5 glasses. I noticed that I did the same thing at my high school reunion. I was in the bathroom most of the evening. Strange, right?

Thought #2: It is really unnecessary for people to drive 25 in a 30 mph zone.

Thought #3: I love the bathroom stalls in the Tucson Mall on Broadway. It's true! In the stall, they have places where you can sit your child, as well as holders (not just hangers) for purses or shopping bags. I would like to thank the genius who made it possible for me to avoid setting my bag next to the toilet on the floor. Bless you.

Thought #4: I get some sort of weird satisfaction knowing that there is a person I know in the car next to me, or near me. I don't know why....

Thought #5: I plan to walk during my graduation ceremony in May even though I am graduating in December. I am truly a sentamentalist (word I just made up) at heart and find that I have deep feelings about why I should participate in this tradition. While some may think it foolish, or unnecessary, I like the symbolism of walking from this part of my life and crossing the platform to another phase...the unknown part of post-grad. There is just some kind of satisfaction knowing that I have accomplished something....remarkable. It is no surprise that I also enjoy crossing things off lists.


rawhide said...

i heart you. the end.

Brenden+Nikki said...

Linds! Congrats!!! That is such an accomplishment. I'm glad you're walking.

And I want to hug the inventor of those child seats in bathroom stalls too. I can pee freely without holding on to my toddler in my lap to prevent him from touching the toilet or laying on the floor to peek under the stall doors.

Although ironically...now that Collin is old enough to sit in them I have yet to find a bathroom that has those.

Also - the diaper changer tables....they need to have hooks on the end so you can hang your diaper bag in there. I don't ever see those but it sure would be helpful.

Ok, I'm rambling. The end.

Brenden+Nikki said...

And I totally didn't even notice your friend above said "the end" too. Ha Ha I like her. Maybe we're long lost friends ;)