Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Locker Rooms

This year for our service auction, I provided the service of free swim lessons...and not just to see how many people really wanted to see me in a swim suit. My good friend Steve ended up purchasing my lessons for a pretty handsome price. It made me feel wanted to see these auctioneers duking it out for my rad/boss expertise in the water. WOAH...step down off your high horse Lindsey...sheesh.

There are so many things I love about swimming. The feel of the water rushing by me, not shaving, floating, aerodynamics... sometimes, I even like getting water up my nose, just cause that tingling sensation is so indescribable, weird and yet fun.

It takes me back to a time where I swam laps in the 50 yard city pool where stinkbugs lined the walls. That was the last time I tried to save one of those from drowning.

I remember hoping that the thunder and lightning storms would come close enough for us to have to get out. I remember racing to keep up with Laura, Caryn and Sarah. Sometimes my allergies were out of control when the city would cut the grass. I remember wishing beyond words for the invention sinus floss...to help me breath and itch the unitchable. I also remember the locker rooms/changing area.

One day I was late for pictures and I probably could have won an award for the fastest changer in the West since I changed in the knick of time for my senior swim team picture. I left all of my things sprawled out on the floor of the changing area, ran to get pictures, came back only to realize my things had been stolen...and I got in trouble for not being responsible.

There are so many things I could reminisce about. However, today I wish to center my focus on the locker room. Today, of all days...for some reason, I realized how much the locker room leaves little room for modesty. I know, I mean, I have been swimming all my life and using various locker rooms after swim practices, during regional and state meets...but for some reason, this just occured to me today.

Utah State had an awesome locker room. Filled with individual changing rooms and curtains on the showers! I loved going swimming at the HPER at Utah State! At the University of Utah, where I swim now, in order to get to where the lockers are from the pool, you have to weed through unprotected showers *GASP. I know, I know....who needs curtains? Well....I DO! I just got so used to showering in private...that now I am cursed to never walk around in the nude in the locker room ever.

Maybe not necessarily bad thing, but I never realized how much I have been impacted by great locker room practice. None of my swim mates stripped down to their nudies and walked around with a towel over their head. Maybe it is a sign of liberty or not caring what others think, but for some reason, I don't think I could do it.

I also realized that I am not as quick as I used to be. My dad used to praise the fact that I could change in the back seat of the car faster than you could say "fliberdijibbet," without being seen or aware that the change was happening. Now...it takes all my energy just to keep myself modest in the locker room.

Not because I don't have the best bod...cause let's be honest ;) Not that I would feel uncomfortable...cause I probably wouldn't. But mostly for the sake of modesty.

Hmm....funny how that works.



Great stories! Maybe you can teach me how to be a better swimmer.

Anything but housework said...

I remember when you could change from swimsuit to underwear without removing any out clothes. You were the only one that I have known who could do this. Do you thing swimming will help my arm?

caryn said...

Oh, the high school swim team memories....
ha ha!

you are funny. :)

Cory said...

1) I don't think modesty ever goes away, I've had two children (one of which was crazy and my husband estimated that OVER 20 people were there) and I STILL can change in a locker room without anyone seeing me. That's just me, now around my house that's different, the mailman even saw me once by accident! oops!
2) You need to move up here to help me teach Lora to swim, it's been sooo HARD! :)


Merri said...

Oh yes, reading that post brought back so many memories of swim practice, those yucky locker rooms, and wishing for lightning every day after school. Good times!

Unstoppable Lindsey said...

Shells Bells: Bring it on sister. Whenever you want to learn...I am here for you.

Anything But Housework: I don't know what happened to that talent...beats getting arrested by MPs on the base beach...so I think I am eventually going to need to learn how to do it all over again.

Caryn: Eye of the Tiger baby. I still have my tiger gear!

Cory: Yeah, there is a saying here 'modest is the hottest' I tend to agree. Would love to teach Lora!

Merri: Oh seriously....that was my life! Can't live without those memories...! Who want to start up again?

Brian said...

I'm not sure many people would like to see your non-shaven swimsuit look, no matter how great your body is!

Unstoppable Lindsey said...

Brian: Well...truth of the matter being...people have no choice ;)