Tuesday, December 18, 2007

All Things PR

Seeing that I love all things PR. I found this article very interesting. I tend to ignore the comments at the bottom (they just make me mad)....although, everyone is entitled to their own voice. This is mine!

Salt Lake Tribune Article

Is the Internet the New Mission Field for the Church

Essentially, the article is talking about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints using social media as a way to spread the gospel. It is very interesting. In response to the blog posted by Nikki Tross, it looks like they are using this incredible medium to create real-life videos of real-life conversion stories. Taking from her blog, I just want to re-iterate the original message.

LDS Newsroom: Using Videos to Communicate a Message

For the sake of reader's who may not be of the same religious affiliation, I just want to say that faith is faith, regardless of what religion you are. Cling to it and proclaim it from the rooftops.
That is the best PR. It seems to be in my experience that a faith in something is better than a faith in nothing. For me, a faith in the Lord Jesus Christ is best faith I can have!

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